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Mythcon 51

July 31 - August 1, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)


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Announcement: Due to ongoing health concerns and the realization that we cannot now plan something that may violate future New Mexico state health and safety regulations, whatever they are in July-August of this year, the Council of Stewards has decided to postpone the next in-person Mythcon until summer of 2022; the date will be July 29-August 1, 2022. Our venue and Guests of Honor have all agreed to this change and the conference theme will remain the same.

Previously purchased conference registrations will automatically roll over to the next in-person conference (Mythcon 52 in 2022) but if you cannot attend next year, please contact and request a refund of your original Mythcon 51 registration. Those interested in attending the significantly cheaper online event should register for the Virtual "Halfling" Mythcon 51, below.

The virtual approach will be very different from our usual Mythcons, but what we miss out on we hope to make up for in new and different ways, and we’ll see everyone in person again, once it’s safe to do so. On some level this is a chance to get back to our Mythopoeic Society roots and gather with friends (if virtually!) to just discuss what we love.

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We are offering a special "flat rate" conference membership $20, whether or not you're a member of the Mythopoeic Society (if you'd like to join us, please choose the option below).

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If you're not a member of the Mythopoeic Society and you'd like to join the Society, as well as register for Mythcon, you can add a year of membership in the Society for the special low rate of $10 (seriously, 33% off - such a deal).

Membership in Mythcon 51 plus one year membership in the Mythopoeic Society: $30

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Call for Papers (subject to change)

CALL FOR PAPERS downloadable PDF

Papers of the traditional Mythopoeic variety are still welcome, though we are looking forward to trying out a new panel model that we are calling roundtable discussions (see below).

Time slots will be different for this online conference.

Individual long papers will still have hour-long time slots but are now encouraged to present for no more than 30 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for discussion with a 15 minute break.

Individual short papers should be about 15 minutes for the paper presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

Panels are now 60 minutes, about 30 minutes for the panel and 20 minutes for discussion.

For traditional paper proposals:
Email papers abstracts of 200-500 words to:
Cami Agan (Papers Coordinator)

For panel proposals:
Email panels abstracts of 50-150 words to:
Leslie Donovan (Panels Coordinator)

Presenters who have already submitted have the option of presenting at Mythcon 51 virtually or being automatically considered for the Mythcon 52 program. All presenters must register for the conference at which they wish to present.

Eligible presenters should see details on our Alexei Kondratiev student paper award at

Roundtable Discussions and Alternative Programming Options

Have a topic in mind you want to discuss, but don’t want to write a whole paper about it? Revive the roots of the Society by proposing to moderate a roundtable discussion for Mythcon 51—virtually! Moderators would only need to come prepared with a mythopoeic discussion topic, some opening remarks, some questions for the attendees, and plan to facilitate and moderate discussion. The audience will handle the rest.

For roundtable discussion panel proposals, or other ideas for alternative Virtual Mythcon programming:
Email 200-500 word proposals to:
Megan Abrahamson

Roundtable discussion moderators must register for the conference.

The final deadline for all submissions is now May 31, 2021.

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