Mythcon 32 - August 3-6, 2001

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Mythcon 32
Many Dimensions:
Modern Supernatural Fiction

Clark Kerr Conference Center
Berkeley, California
August 3-6, 2001

Many Dimensions: Modern Supernatural Fiction

Our 2001 conference, Mythcon 32, celebrates the role of Charles Williams as one of the founders of this currently popular genre, modern supernatural fiction.

Guests of Honor

David Llewellyn Dodds, Scholar
He is the editor of two books in Boydell and Brewer's "Arthurian Poets" series, one on Charles Williams and the other on John Masefield.

Peter S. Beagle, Author
He is the author of The Last Unicorn, A Fine and Private Place and many other books, is considered among the finest of modern fantasy writers. He is a two-time Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winner, for The Folk of the Air in 1987 and Tamsin in 2000. Beagle was a guest of honor at Mythcon IV in 1974 and we are honored to welcome him back in 2001.

Press Release and Progress Reports, Etc.

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List of Registered Attendees


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Room and Board Rates

Deadline for room and board reservations for Mythcon 32 is June 30, 2001; payment must be received by this date. Availability of suites at the Clark Kerr Conference Center has become more limited than initially expected, and at this time all of the suites have been booked. We still have plenty of rooms available in the dorm facility. Attendees who wish to be placed on a waiting list for a suite (should any become available) should contact the conference registrar. Housing may be available at Clark Kerr before or after the conference; contact the registrar for information.

A meals-only package is available for $90 to attendees staying off-site. This includes Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch and evening banquet. Individual banquet tickets are available for $30 each. Deadline for purchasing banquet tickets or meal packages is July 15th.

For children under 12 years of age, both the room and board package and the meals only package are half-price.

Clark Kerr campus is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not permitted inside any campus buildings, including residence halls or suites.


Clark Kerr Campus Specifics

The Clark Kerr Campus, our conference site, is located at 2601 Warring St., Berkeley CA 94720, between Dwight Way and Derby St. in southeast Berkeley.

Registration: on Friday, conference and housing registration will be in the administration building, directly in front of you as you face the campus at the main entrance. On Saturday and Sunday, conference registration and information will be in the lobby of the Krutch Theatre, the main programming building, the first building on the right as you face the campus.

Telephone messages may be left for you during Mythcon at 510-642-6290. Mail messages can be addressed to: Name, c/o Mythcon, Clark Kerr Campus, 2601 Warring Street, Berkeley, CA 94720-2288. Messages will be posted on the bulletin board in the administration building.

Weather: Berkeley faces the Golden Gate and is exposed to the ocean, so its weather is variable and often cool. Balmy summer days in the 70s are common, but cool, windy, overcast days in the 50s with even a little rain are more likely than scorchers in the 90s. Do not dress too lightly, and bring fairly warm clothing for cooler weather.

Getting There

We strongly recommend that air travelers fly to the Oakland International Airport. Airport shuttles and taxis can take you to the campus, which is about 9 miles away. Maps and details on how to get to the site are included in PR #3. San Francisco International Airport, 23 miles away, is a good substitute if convenient flights to Oakland are not available.

Travel Web Sites:

Oakland International Airport:
San Francisco International Airport:
AC Transit:

Shuttles: Over two dozen shuttle companies offer service from the Oakland airport to the Clark Kerr campus; check the airport's web site (above) for listings. Always phone in advance to make reservations, both coming and going. Most of these companies also offer service from the San Francisco airport, but the cost will be much higher.

Mass Transit: The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) serves San Francisco and the East Bay. From the Oakland Airport, AirBART shuttle buses (fare: $2) leave every 10 minutes for the Coliseum BART station. From downtown San Francisco, enter any of the BART stations along Market Street. Board a Richmond-bound train to the Berkeley station or a Pittsburg train to the Rockridge station. Before exiting, take a free transfer from the machine to receive 25 cents off your AC Transit bus fare. BART's information number is (510) 464-6000.

AC Transit bus route 7 stops at both the Berkeley and Rockridge BART stations and serves the Clark Kerr Campus, which is located between them. The fare is $1.35 without a BART transfer. AC Transit also runs buses to Berkeley and Oakland from the TransBay Terminal at First and Mission Streets in San Francisco, for a fare of $2.50. For further information, call AC Transit at (800) 559-4636.

To reach the San Francisco BART stations from the San Francisco Airport, take the SamTrans BX bus to the Colma BART station. (Buses run every 15-30 minutes; fare is $1.10.) Then catch a Richmond BART train to the Berkeley or a Pittsburg train to the Rockridge station and switch to AC Transit.

Parking: Short-term parking (for registration) is available at the main entrance. Long-tem parking around the conference site is limited. Weekly passes for parking on the Clark Kerr campus are available for $30; send payment to the main registration address by July 15. Daily parking at Clark Kerr is $6 and can be paid on a day-by-day basis (via cash machines).

Off-Campus Accomodations

Because suites are limited and some members may prefer not to stay in dorm rooms, here is some information on local hotels.

The hotels closest to campus are:
Each is less than 3/4 mile walk from the conference center on campus, but are rather expensive. Less expensive lodgings are located along University Avenue, two miles or more from campus. Reputable ones include:
(Higher street numbers --> closer to campus)

There is no direct bus service to Clark Kerr from University Avenue; but local buses do serve the general location.

We encourage all attendees staying off-campus to buy the meal package. Shared meals are a large part of Mythcon, and attendees of past Mythcons will confirm that Clark Kerr serves some of the best meals we've had. There are no restaurants less than 1/2 mile from campus.

Bonnie Rauscher, Registrar
2231 10th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Registration Forms

(Please print and mail to conference address on form)

Mythcon 32 Registration Form (PDF)

Program Schedule and Highlights

Registration opens at noon on Friday in the administration building; programming begins at 3 pm. Closing ceremonies on Monday end at 1 pm. Papers, panels and author readings are scheduled for each day. Other highlights include:

Saturday Sunday Monday


See the Full Mythcon 32 Schedule for a complete list of papers to be presented during the conference.

Panel Discussions

Mythcon will feature half-a-dozen panel discussions providing a lively approach to topics such as these: In addition to our Guests of Honor, confirmed panel speakers include:

Other Program Items

Special Musical Performances

Fresh from the CD re-release of their acclaimed album The Starlit Jewel (songs of J.R.R. Tolkien set to music by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Kristoph Klover, and Margaret Davis), Broceliande will perform these and other songs from their repertoire of folk songs and early music in concert for us. Members of Broceliande performed the Tolkien settings at the 1995 Berkeley and 1996 Boulder Mythcons, and we're pleased to welcome them back again, and to hear other music in their repertoire, which runs from Irish and English folk songs through cantigas from the court of Alfonso el Sabio to works by Orlando di Lasso and J.S. Bach. Broceliande will perform on Saturday evening.

The Masque of the Manuscript
Charles Williams spent his working life as an editor at the Oxford University Press. In 1927 he wrote this allegorical verse play depicting the submission, acceptance, and publication of a scholarly manuscript. With music by his editorial colleague Hubert Foss, it delighted the co-workers who performed and saw it. This is not the Chuck you expect: it's droll, witty, and even catty, as well as filled with Williams¹s customary literary and mythological allusions. A reading of an abridged text was given at our last Mythcon in 1995. Now, we proudly present the first production ever of The Masque of the Manuscript outside England. The cast features both our Guests of Honor, Peter S. Beagle and David Llewellyn Dodds; Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis of Broceliande; Mythcon musical favorites Lynn Maudlin, Berni Phillips, and Deirdre McCarthy, with Emily Rauscher as the Manuscript; musical accompaniment by James Langdell; directed by David Bratman. The Masque of the Manuscript will be performed on Sunday evening.

A festive start to Sunday evening activities, which will include presentation of the Mythopoeic Awards and a talk by our Author Guest of Honor, Peter S. Beagle.

Banquet Menu
Beef Tenderloin and Rosemary Chicken
Mashed red potatoes
Buttered broccoli florets
Beverages (including wine/beer)
(Vegetarian entree available on request)

Video Program
The video program at this year's Mythcon will feature three supernatural films each night, with a strong emphasis on ghost stories. The actual program will not be fixed until the weekend of the conference, but expect to see a selection drawn from the following list: 13 Ghosts, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Canterville Ghost, Topper, Blithe Spirit, Zotz!, The Sixth Sense, The Haunting (1963), The Uninvited, The Haunted Palace, The Dunwich Horror, The Black Cat, The Sentinel, Incubus, Doppelganger, Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Art Show

Artists are invited to display their work on tables in the dealers' room. All artwork must be brought to the conference and removed by the exhibitors; we do not accept mailed pieces. The conference will take a 10‰ commission on sales; all bidded Art Show items will be included as part of the Society Auction. For more information, rates and art show forms, please contact the main conference address.

Dealers' Room

Dealers' room tables are still available at $50 each; this does not include membership in the conference but dealers do not have to buy memberships if they will not be attending any other events or exhibits. For more information, write to the main conference address or contact Mary Kay Kare via e-mail at

Confirmed dealers include:
Mythcon 32 cups

Society Auction

Mathoms from your bookshelves and art collections are respectfully solicited for the Mythcon auction, to raise funds for the Society. Auctioneers Eric Rauscher and Charles Coulombe will await your raised hands and checkbooks on Sunday afternoon. You may bring these items along to Mythcon, or mail them to the conference treasurer:

Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
P.O. Box 28427
San Jose, CA 95159

Please include a cover letter with name, address and percentage donated to the Society (cannot be less than 40 percent). All of the amount donated to the Society is tax deductible. Also, please indicate whether unsold items should be returned (postage deducted from your check), kept for future auctions, or tossed.

Program Book Advertising

Program Book page size will be 8-1/2 inches x 5-1/2 inches. Rates are:
full page: $40 half page: $25 quarter page: $15
Electronic files preferred; contact the Publications department (e-mail: for specific format requirements.

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