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The Mythopoeic Society’s annual conference, popularly called “Mythcon,” has historically been held in late July or early August at a college or university campus, although in recent years hotels or conference centers have become more common as sites. Each conference is constructed around a theme related to Inklings studies and/or fantastic and mythic literature. Each conference also features an author and a scholar guest of honor. Papers, panel discussions, readings, entertainment, an art show, a dealers’ room, and other activities fill the four-day event. Another Mythcon highlight is our formal (more or less) banquet, after which the Mythopoeic Awards are presented. A small (usually 100-200 people) size and intimate setting makes Mythcon an excellent venue for meeting people with common interests. You may see the full history and individual conference pages by visiting our Mythcon History page.

The Mythopoeic Society has always encouraged scholarship in mythopoeic and Inklings studies by providing a venue in which scholars, new and old, may present papers which may in turn be considered for publication in Mythlore, assisting scholars in need of financial aid to attend Mythcon, and recognizing student scholars with the Alexei Kondratiev Award.

If you (or your group) are interested in putting on a Mythcon in your area, please contact the Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences, , at mythcon @ for information and help.

Current Conference

Mythcon 53 logo

Mythcon 53

Fantasies of the Middle Lands
Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2-5, 2024

Registration is still open.

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