Mythcon 34 - July 25-28, 2003

Mythcon 34
From Athena to Galadriel:
The Image of the Wise Woman in Mythopoeic Fiction

Scarritt-Bennett Center
Nashville, Tennessee
July 25-28, 2003

Members of Mythcon 34
Papers Accepted at Mythcon 34


(as of 7/8/03)

Friday, July 25

Registration opens 2 PM, downstairs in Laskey Building
Art Show opens, Kreitner Room (Laskey)
Dealers' Room opens, Laskey B
3:00 PM Amy Sturgis: Reimagining Rose: Tolkien's Rosie Cotton in Twenty-First Century Fan Fiction, Laskey A
3:00 PM Jessica Burke: Myth, Fear and Fantasy: The Function of LOTR in Society. Laskey C
3:30 PM Kristi Brobeck: Tolkien Fanfiction by Women: a survey, Laskey A
3:30 PM Sarah Beach: Frodo and the Failure of the Christ-Image, Laskey C
4:00 PM Janet B. Croft, The Mines of Moria: "Anticipation" and "Flattening'" in Peter Jackson's FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, Laskey A
4:00 PM Janice Bogstad: Women Between: Female Power Figures in the Recent Fiction of John Crowley and Charles De Lint, Laskey C
Dinner 5:30-6:30 PM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
7:00 PM Film, "The Magic Never Ends," Laskey
8:00-10:00 PM WELCOME RECEPTION, Laskey C

Late Night Events: Bedtime Stories, Bragg Second Floor Lounge
Bardic Circle, Gibson First Floor Sitting Room
Film, Gibson First Floor Lounge: Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring with added scenes

Saturday, July 26

Sale of College Land, 3:49 AM, Strothers Meeting House
(If it's locked, guess you're just not one of the Inner Ring!)

Breakfast 7:30-8:30 AM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
8:45 AM Gather in the arcades outside Susie Gray Dining Hall for the Procession from the International Garden to Fondren Hall
9:00AM Opening Welcome, Auditorium, Fondren Hall, followed by Dr. Dabney A. Hart, Scholar Guest of Honor Speech
10:00 AM Registration re-opens until 12 noon, downstairs in Laskey Building
10:00 AM Mark Holland: Exploring Feminine Wisdom in Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens in the Dunes, Laskey A
10:00 AM Danielle Bienvenue: Irene, Lucy, and Meg: The Role of the Childhood Athena, Laskey C
10:00-11:00 AM Opening Panel: From Athena to Galadriel: The Image of the Wise Woman in Mythopoeic Fiction, Auditorium
Dabney Hart, Edith Crowe, Diana L. Paxson, Alexei Kondratiev; Perry Bramlett, moderator
10:30 AM Delia Fisher: Wisdom and Water: T'seh as Guide and Goddess in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony, Laskey A
10:30 AM Matthew Nickel: The Woman's Place in Tolkien and Lewis, Laskey C
11:00 AM Jennifer M. Cain: Women and Water: the Cultural Significance of Galadriel as Keeper of Nenya, Laskey A
11:00 AM Ernelle Fife: The Wise Warrior in Tolkien, Lewis, and Rowling, Laskey C
11:00 AM Scott McLaren: The Anatomy of Magic: Charles Williams and the Inviolability of Being, Auditorium
11:30 AM Eric Rauscher: Surveying the Female Body: Women in the novels of Charles Williams, Auditorium
11:30 AM Betsy Farquhar: Celtic Goddesses in Young Adult Fiction, Laskey A Lunch, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
1:00 PM Lois Hinckley: Paired Wisdoms in Homer, MacDonald, Tolkien, Lewis and LeGuin, Laskey A
1:00-2:00 PM "Teaching Tolkien" panel discussion, Laskey C
Amy Sturgis, Mike Foster, Alex Bruce, Ernelle Fife, Matthew Nickel, moderator
1:00 PM Beth Russell: Galadriel, her Life in Four Ages, Auditorium
1:30 PM Melanie Rawls: Witches, Wives and Dragons: the Evolution of the Women of Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea, Laskey A
2:00 PM Dr. David Armstrong: Unpacking Athena; plenary session, Auditorium
Followed by PARTHENON TOUR Please meet buses on 19th Ave. in front of Wightman Chapel and Bennett Hall (on the West side of Scarritt-Bennett Center)

Dinner, 5:30-6:30 PM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
7:00 PM Liz Milner: Frodo's Glow: A Bar Sinister in the Baggins Family Tree?, Laskey A
7:00 PM Pamela Jordan: The Enigmatic Veil, Laskey C
7:30 PM Janet Croft: Nice, Good and Right, Laskey A
7:30 PM Lois Westerlund: Psyche, Image of True Wisdom, Laskey A
8:00 PM Mythcon Masquerade
Auditorium Poem, Dr. Greenman: "Odysseus and the Owl"
Prizes for Masquerade
Play: The Fidelity of Odysseus, Diana Paxson

Late Night Events: Bardic Circle, Gibson First Floor Sitting Room
Film, Gibson First Floor Lounge: Peter Jackson's Film as you've never seen it before: FOTR meets MST3K!!!!

Sunday, July 27

Breakfast, 7:30-8:30 AM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
8:30 AM Ray Schneider, A Scientist Seeks Mystery, Metaphor, Myth and Magic, Laskey A
8:30 AM Elizabeth Hardy: Influence of Spenser and Milton on Lewis' female characters, Laskey C
8:30-9:30 AM Discussion of MFA Nominees and Book Toss, Auditorium
9:00 AM Joe Christopher: Seeking the Faerie Queene in Narnia, Laskey A
9:00 AM Betsy Farquhar: God as Grandmother: MacDonald's Wise Woman, Laskey C
9:30 AM Wayne Chandler: J.R.R. Tolkien and the Call of Immortality, Laskey A
9:30 AM Melody Green: Wisdom, Love and Pain: the Roles of Women in MacDonald's Fiction, Laskey C
9:30 AM Mark T.Hooker: Ten Rings for Russian Men Doomed to Die, Auditorium
10:00 AM Lois Westerlund: Shadows, Dark and Otherwise, Laskey A
10:00 AM Sarah Beach: For Love of Sophia: the Mythic Tradition of the Wise Woman, Laskey C
10:30-11:30 AM Panel, Writing Fantasy in the Shadow of Tolkien, Laskey A
Jon DeCles, Greg Feeley, Carolyn Kephart, Laura Underwood; Sherwood Smith, moderator
10:30 AM Mark T. Hooker: Russian Tolkien Illustrations (slides), Auditorium
10:30 AM Brandy Elaine Ball: Wise Fantasy: The role of the Childlike Empress in The Neverending Story, Laskey C
11:00 AM Film: Russian "Hobbit" Movie, Auditorium
11:00 AM Romuald I. Lakowski: The Fall and Repentance of Galadriel, Laskey C
Lunch, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
1:00 PM Victoria Gaydosik: Choosing Wisely: the Conflicting Claims of Action and Passivity on Tolkien's Fictional Women, Laskey A
1:00 PM Martha Hixon: Mirrors, Towers, Dragons and Wise Women, Laskey C
1:00 PM Emily Richter: Spontaneous Myth Generation in Epic Literature, Auditorium
1:30 PM Grace Walker Monk: What Should Be: The Lady of Rohan and the Lady of Moge, Laskey A
1:30 PM Don W. King: Has That Which was Lost been Found? - Metrical Meditations of a Cod, Laskey C
1:30 PM Gabrielle Greggersen: Imagination and Wisdom: an analysis of Lewis' female characters in the Chronicles of Narnia, Auditorium
2:00 PM: Elvish Linguistic Fellowship: Quenya/Tengwar Workshop, Laskey A
2:00 PM Society Auction, Auditorium
3:30 PM Panel, Wonder Women of the Media World, Laskey A
Paula DiSante, Eleanor Farrell, Rosemary Edghill, Brenda Clough; Lee Speth, moderator

Banquet, 5:30-6:30 PM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
7:00 PM Mythopoeic Awards Announcements Auditorium
Sherwood Smith, Writer Guest of Honor: Speech
Play: The Revenge of the DWEMs, Don T. Williams
The Not-Ready-For-Mythcon Players

Late Night Events: Bedtime Stories, Bragg Second Floor Lounge
Bardic Circle, Gibson First Floor Sitting Room
Film, Gibson First Floor Lounge: "The Magic Never Ends"

Monday, July 28

Breakfast, 7:30-8:30 AM, Susie Gray Dining Hall
8:30 AM, Berni Phillips: Christian Symbolism in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Laskey A
9:00-10:00 AM, David Bratman: The Music of Middle-Earth, Laskey A
8:30 AM, Don T. Williams: A Larger World: Lewis, Christianity and Culture, Laskey C
10:00 AM Members' Meeting, followed by Closing Ceremonies, Auditorium
10:30 AM Scarritt-Bennett Checkout (Locked storage space will be available in Laskey for your luggage during morning programming)

Members of Mythcon 34

June 6, 2003
  • Nicole Adelstein
  • David Armstrong
  • Diane Joy Baker
  • Brandy Elaine Ball
  • Sarah Beach
  • Linda Behrend
  • Danielle Renee Bienvenue
  • Jane M. Bigelow
  • Janice Bogstad
  • Berni Phillips Bratman
  • David Bratman
  • Kristi Brobeck
  • Jack Brooks
  • Alex Bruce
  • Anthony S. Burdge
  • Jessica Burke
  • Joanne W. Burnett
  • Anne Burnett
  • Bonnie Callahan
  • Joe R. Christopher
  • Lynn Christopher
  • Gavin Claypool
  • Brenda Clough
  • Janet B. Croft
  • Sarah Croft
  • Edith Crowe
  • Linda C. DeMars
  • Paula DiSante
  • Ruby Dunlap
  • Rosemary Edghill
  • David Emerson
  • Eleanor Farrell
  • Ernelle Fife
  • David Finnamore
  • Michael A. Fletcher
  • Carol King-Gaddis
  • Steve Gaddis
  • Victoria Gaydosik
  • Christopher Gilson
  • Phyllis Gonigam
  • David Greenman
  • Gabrielle Greggersen
  • Leah Grover
  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
  • Dabney A. Hart
  • Christopher Henrich
  • Lois V. Hinckley
  • Cary Hoagland
  • Gwenyth Hood
  • Mark T. Hooker
  • Carl Hostetter
  • Gary Hunnewell
  • Rachel Hunnewell
  • Sylvia Hunnewell
  • Tristan Hunnewell
  • Pamela Jordan
  • Mary Jo Kapsalis
  • Philip Kaveny
  • Sue A. Klipsch
  • Alexei Kondratiev
  • Romuald Lakowski
  • Julian Lander
  • Bruce Leonard
  • Marcy Leonard
  • Arthur Livingston
  • Kathryn Livingston
  • Brandon Lowentrout
  • Maura Matesic
  • Lia Nicine McCoo
  • Scott McLaren
  • Alexie McPherson
  • Heather McPherson
  • Joyce McPherson
  • Grace Walker Monk
  • Matthew Nickel
  • Elaine Orrand
  • Anne Osborn
  • Jason Pratt
  • Emily Rauscher
  • Eric Rauscher
  • Tammy Rowan
  • Pam Rush
  • Beth Russell
  • Marcus Russell
  • Ray Schneider
  • Arden Smith
  • Sherwood Smith
  • Dolores Speth
  • Lee Speth
  • Mimi Stevens
  • Conrad Stolzenbach
  • John Stolzenbach
  • Mary Stolzenbach
  • Amy H. Sturgis
  • Patricia Tressel
  • Laura J. Underwood
  • Marion Van Loo
  • Ellen Vartanoff
  • Wendell Wagner
  • Lois Westerlund
  • Don T. Williams
  • Julia K. Williams
  • Sam Wissler
  • Steve Wissler
  • T.J. Wissler
  • Veida Wissler
  • Patrick Wynne

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