Mythcon 45 - August 8-11, 2014

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Mythcon 45

Where Fantasy Fits

Wheaton College
Norton, MA
August 8-11, 2014

Where Fantasy Fits:

Fantasy literature does not fit comfortably into any scheme. Both old and new, traditional and innovative, popular and elite, mainstream and esoteric, escapist and engaged, high-tech and anti-technology, fantasy defies definitions and transcends categories, dramatizing the incompleteness of our understanding of our own imaginations. At Mythcon 45 we will discuss the place of fantasy in our culture, our institutions, and our hearts.

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Ursula Vernon

Guests of Honor

Ursula Vernon – Author Guest of Honor
Writer, artist and illustrator, winner of the 2013 Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature for her graphic novel Digger.

Richard West

Richard West – Scholar Guest of Honor
Winner of the 1976 Mythopoeic Award for Inklings Studies for Tolkien Criticism.

Call for Papers & Progress Reports

Call for Papers, Mythcon 45 (PDF)

View or Download Mythcon 45 PR#1 here (PDF)

View or Download Mythcon 45 PR#2 here (PDF)

Mythcon Reports

Wheaton College welcomes Mythcon 45 to campus and provides some nice background, including chair Mike Drout explaining Golfimbul!

Brenton Dickieson's blog The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth… Or At Least Pass the Pepper
Chris Cooper's blog report for Mythcon 45 Day 1, Day 2, and Days 3 and 4
Katherine Sas' Mustering Mythgardians at Mythcon report.
The Grey Havens Group Recap and Gratitude Mythcon report.
Matthew Rettino's blog reports for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.


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July 17 – Jan 25 Jan 26 – May 15 May 26 – July 21 At the door
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Mythcon 45
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Meals and Lodging

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This year at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, we have an unusual scenario: the charge is per bed, not per room, so there is no price break for having a roommate; those desiring to share a room must advise Conference Registration of the name of their roommate.

This year the price difference is between the air-conditioned dormitory and the non-air-conditioned dormitory. There are a limited number of rooms available with air-conditioning so please book early to insure your comfort.

Mythcon 45 Room & Board A/C — $345

Mythcon 45 Room & Board - Non A/C — $265

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Extra Night: Thursday only, no meals.

If you are coming early, one extra night’s lodging (Room Only) for Thursday, August 7th, may be added to your Room & Board package. Please select either air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned dormitory. Unfortunately we cannot offer lodging for Monday night.

Mythcon 45 - Thursday Room A/C — $55

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The Cafe on campus opens on weekday mornings at 8:30 and is open until 3pm. Breakfast includes hot sandwiches, pastries, yogurt, fruit, coffee, etc., and lunch includes both hot and cold options. The Cafe is not open on weekends. There are a few places within walking distance, including a local pizza shop and a small pub; there are many options within a 5 mile driving radius. More detailed information will be available in Progress Report #2 and online closer to the conference.

Meals Only

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Mythcon 45 Meals package — $155

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Mythcon 45 - Banquet only — $65

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