Mythcon 40 - July 17-20, 2009

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Mythcon 40
Sailing the Seas of Imagination

UCLA – DeNeve Plaza
Los Angeles, CA
July 17-20, 2009

Sailing the Seas of Imagination

This is the final schedule for Mythcon 40 (updated 07/20). Download Paper Abstracts (PDF) ----


12 pm Registration opens, Hospitality Room (DeNeve A3) open for mingling
3 pm Question & Answer session with Diana Pavlac Glyer and James A. Owen (Plaza A)
4 pm
  • "Discourse Surrounding Fantastic Literature: Is it 'ground-breaking' or 'postmodern b.s.'?", Lauren Allison (Plaza A)
  • Roundtable Discussion: First Encounters with Charles Williams (Plaza B)
5 pm
  • "Jackson's Aragorn and the American Superhero Monomyth", Janet Croft (Plaza B)
Evening FILM PROGRAM Voyages with Ray Harryhausen (Jason & the Argonauts, Sinbad) (DeNeve B3) BARDIC CIRCLE (DeNeve B2) HOSPITALITY (DeNeve A3)


9 am Gathering, Procession, and Opening Ceremonies (DeNeve Auditorium)
10 am Diana Pavlac Glyer, keynote address (DeNeve Auditorium)
11 am Keynote Panel: Inklings and Creative Community (DeNeve Auditorium)
12 pm LUNCH
1 pm
  • "The Company They Didn't Keep: The Influence of Inklings Outsiders", Sam McBride (DeNeve Auditorium)
  • "Divine Intervention in The Lord of the Rings", Skyler King (Plaza A)
  • Roundtable Discussion: Young Adult Fantasy (Plaza B)
2 pm
  • Panel: The Language of Fantasy (Writers and their Relationship to Text) (DeNeve Auditorium)
  • "Reconstructing Arda: The Second Prophecy of Mandos", Douglas Kane (Plaza A)
  • "Snakedom: A Study of Imagined Landscapes, Creativity, and Cognitive Disability", Leslie O'Dell (Plaza B)
3 pm
  • "The Impulse to Fantasy Literature: Pilgrim's Progress as an ur-text of fantasy", Farah Mendlesohn (DeNeve Auditorium)
  • "The Life and Times of Hilary Tolkien", Angie Gardner (read by Lynn Maudlin) (Plaza A)
  • "An Ocean Without Islands", Ryder Miller (Plaza B)
4 pm
  • "The Inklings in Fiction", David Bratman (DeNeve Auditorium)
  • "Naming the Evil One: Onomastic Strategies in Tolkien and Rowling", Janet Croft (Plaza A)
  • "Adapting Tam Lin: Rewriting Relationship Dynamics in Janet McNaughton's An Earthly Knight", Beverly Jones Redekop (Plaza B)
5 pm
  • Panel: Fantasy in Art and Other Media (DeNeve Auditorium)
  • "SimbelmynĂ«: Mortality and Memory in Middle-earth", Bill Stoddard (Plaza A)
  • Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Tolkien (Plaza B)
Evening Reader's Theater, "Love All", by Dorothy L. Sayers, adapted by Sherwood Smith

Pirates of the Caribbean (all three available for the hardy night owls) (DeNeve B3)

(DeNeve B2)

(DeNeve A3)


9 am
  • "In the Belly of the Balrog: Tolkien and the Book of Jonah", Mike Foster (Plaza A)
  • "Perilous Shores: The Unfathomable Supernaturalism of Water in 19th-Century Scottish Folklore", Jason Harris (Plaza B)
10 am
  • Panel: Tolkien in the Twenty-first Century (Plaza A)
  • "In the Mermaid's Mirror: Reflections of Victorian Women", Lauren Allison (Plaza B)
  • "Parody? Pigwiggenry? Sourcing the Early Verse of J.R.R. Tolkien", Jason Fisher (read by Randy Hoyt) (DeNeve B3)
11 am
  • Panel: C.S. Lewis versus the World (Discussion of the anti-Lewis trend) (Plaza A)
  • "Space Stories and folklore", Julia Paajanen (Plaza B)
  • "Disobedience Against the Divine", Randy Hoyt (DeNeve B3)
12 pm LUNCH
1 pm
  • "Evil in Narnia", Hannah Thomas (Plaza A)
  • "The Place of Virtue in Middle-earth", Peter Oas (Plaza B)
  • "Life Speaks: A Christian Ecocritical Exploration of the Fantasies of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis", Amyann Groen (DeNeve B3)
2 pm "An Homage to Pauline Baynes" (video presentation), Glen GoodKnight (DeNeve B3)
3:00-3:30 pm Khazad-dum Book Toss (outside in the Plaza Courtyard)
3:30-4:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: What's Good in Fantasy? (DeNeve B3)
4 pm Live Auction (if needed -- Silent Auction during the weekend, but if there are hot items, they will be brought to the Live Auction) (DeNeve B2)
5 pm Mingling and preparation for the Banquet
6 pm BANQUET (Plaza A-B)
7:30 pm Awards Presentation; James A. Owen keynote address (Plaza A-B)
8 pm Break
8:30 pm The Dead Inklings Panel; "Like a Rolling Ring" (musical interlude); Not Ready for Mythcon Players (Plaza A-B) FILM PROGRAM
The Water Horse, The Three Voyages of Gulliver (DeNeve B3)

(DeNeve B2)



9 am
  • "The Inklings and the Pacific Ocean", David Bratman (Plaza A)
  • "Merlin: the Evolution of a Wizard", Kathleen Jordan (Plaza B)
10 am
  • "Imagination and Postwar Reconstruction: Dorothy L. Sayers, the Wimsey Papers, and the Role of the Artist in Rebuilding the Country", Laura Simmons (Plaza A)
  • "A Tryst with the Transcendentals: C.S. Lewis on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty", Don Williams (Plaza B)
11 am Society Meeting and Closing Ceremonies (Plaza A)
12 pm LUNCH

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