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Mythlore Index Plus,
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Mythlore Index Plus (Electronic)

Compiled by Janet Brennan Croft and Edith Crowe
Artwork by Tim Kirk and Sarah Beach

Original ISBN: 978-1-887726-12-2
Original Publication: Altadena July 31, 2012

Format: Digital PDF file
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Available as a fully searchable digital file downloadable in PDF format, this electronic edition of the Mythlore Index Plus covers all issues of Mythlore as well as all articles and reviews published in the Tolkien Journal, Mythcon Conference Proceedings, and Mythopoeic Press publications. The index is illustrated with classic black and white artwork from early issues by Tim Kirk and Sarah Beach. This essential reference in mythopoeic studies will be updated after the publication of each Mythlore issue and will be announced on our website and social media sites when available.

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