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2023 Election of Stewards Announced

Posted on July 1, 2023

In accordance with our bylaws, the next election of the Council of Stewards is to be held in November 2023, with the terms of office to begin on January 1, 2024. Elections and terms of office will occur at three year intervals starting from these dates. Steward positions are unpaid, volunteer roles which require attending quarterly meetings and other related responsibilities. The list below shows the current Stewards who are volunteering their service for another three years in their current positions. This election will ask members to confirm each of them in their position unless someone else is nominated. See the paragraph at the bottom of the page for details about nominations.

Sharp-eyed experienced Mythies might notice the absence of Lynn Maudlin in this lineup. Having served faithfully as Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences for lo these many years, Lynn has moved on to other priorities in her life and has resigned from the Council. The Stewards, in accordance with the bylaws, have appointed Tim Lenz to take her place and fill out her term to the end of this year. The position of Steward for Online Events has been folded into the Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences position.
Our bylaws specify that Recording Secretary and Treasurer are required positions. Other Steward positions are determined and filled by action of the Council itself, and are subject to [re-]election every three years. The Chair and Vice-chair of the Council are selected by the Council from among the non-required Stewards, and are rotating positions, each serving one year. As such, they don't have places on the election ballot.

Additional nominations to the Council of Stewards may be made by a supporting petition of at least five (5) percent of the current members, including the nominee (currently that is 15 persons), or by action of the Council of Stewards. Nominations shall be closed on August 1, 2023, which is 120 days before the date of election (November 29, 2023).

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