The Glen GoodKnight Starving Scholar's Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Mythopoeic Society's Glen GoodKnight Starving Scholars Fund.

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The Glen GoodKnight Starving Scholars Fund supports attendance at Mythcon for scholars and other participants. Preference is given to persons presenting a paper or participating on a panel, though others are not automatically excluded from consideration. Awards generally consist of a contribution toward room & board costs or, very rarely, other conference expenses such as travel costs. The Mythcon Papers Coordinator, in consultation with the Mythopoeic Society Council of Stewards and the Conference Committee, makes the final decision in regard to award recipients, amounts, and application of funds. In any given year no more than half of the Fund's balance may be used.

The Starving Scholars Fund was conceived by Jane Yolen at the end of Mythcon 24, where she had been our Scholar Guest of Honor; she was so impressed with the focus on scholarship which the Society encourages that she said, "you need a starving scholars fund, to help more scholars attend Mythcon" - and then she put her money where her mouth was and gave us our first contribution to the Starving Scholars Fund. The fund was renamed in honor of our founder, Glen GoodKnight, upon his passing in November 2010. Glen always emphasized the importance of encouraging scholarship in Inklings studies and was happy to see this fund come into existence; we believe he would be pleased to have his name associated with the Starving Scholars Fund.

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