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Index to Mythlore Supplement: Tolkien Journal

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Published:Jul 21, 2010
Format:Paperback (6.5"x9"), 32 pages
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Tolkien Journal was started by New York Tolkien Society founder Richard Plotz in 1965. Dick Plotz stepped down after issue #8 and Ed Meškys took over the society and the journal. In issue #15, Meškys announced the permanent merger of the Tolkien Society of America with the Mythopoeic Society and of Tolkien Journal with Mythlore. Glen GoodKnight became editor with the next issue, and the Tolkien Journal name and issue numbering was added to the masthead for the next three numbers.  With Mythlore #12, the new subtitle “A Journal of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams Studies” replaced Tolkien Journal on the table of contents page.

Since none of the stand-alone issues of Tolkien Journal are indexed in the MLA Bibliography, we hope this supplementary index will help users locate the articles which were published at times when Tolkien Journal did not appear as a joint issue with Mythlore or Orcrist (which are indexed, albeit not in their entirety, in MLA), and provide more useful subject headings than MLA for the specialist. This supplement is designed to stand alone, and may be used without reference to the main Mythlore index. All citations in the index are given to the Tolkien Journal title of the issue only. The contents of this supplement will be added to the next edition of the printed Mythlore index.

All issues of Tolkien Journal are available in our store under “Inactive Publications.”