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Items we publish are available for purchase in the Publications section of the site:


Mythopoeic Society Lapel PinThe Mythopoeic Society Lapel Pin features the society’s triskelion logo in a 5/8″ die struck silver tone metal with green cloisonné (hard enamel) color fill and deluxe clutch. (Postage: $2.00 USA) More information.

Mythopoeic Society Lapel Pin $5.00 Add to Cart

Mythopoeic Society Emblem ButtonThe Mythopoeic Society Emblem Buttons feature the triskelion design in white on a blue background; 1¼” in diameter. (Postage: $2.00 USA)

Mythopoeic Society Emblem Button (1) $1.00 Add to Cart
Mythopoeic Society Emblem Button (Set of 3) $2.00 Add to Cart

The Mythlore Art Portfolio includes five pieces printed on quality paper, 9″x12″, suitable for framing. Art by Sarah Beach, Paula DiSante, Nancy-Lou Patterson, Patrick Wynne. (Postage: $3.00 USA)

Mythlore Art Portfolio $15.00 Add to Cart

This Celtic Stationery has been designed by Patrick Wynne; from art originally printed in Mythlore #35. Motifs from Tolkien, Lewis & Williams. 8 ½” x 11″ on ivory parchment paper. Includes 16 printed sheets, 12 blank sheets, 16 envelopes. (Postage: $3.00 USA)

Celtic Stationery $8.00 Add to Cart

These Postcards, displaying the Mythopoeic Society Coat of Arms, have been designed by George Barr. (Postage: $2.00 USA)

Postcards (Set of 10) $3.00 Add to Cart

This Narnia Map, created by Tim Kirk, originally appeared in Mythlore #7. Black and white, 11″ x 16″. (Postage: $3.00 USA)

Narnia Map $5.00 Add to Cart

Conference Proceedings and Program Books

Papers delivered at the first three Mythopoeic Conferences (1970-1972), as well as the pre-cursor Narnian conference (1969), were published in conference proceedings and available for purchase. (Beginning with Mythcon 4, papers presented at conferences have been considered for our scholarly journal, Mythlore.) Program books from various Mythopoeic Conferences are also available, while supply lasts. Proceedings & Program Books »

Current Publications


Mythlore is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published by the Mythopoeic Society that focuses on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and the genres of myth and fantasy.

Latest Issues Date
113/114 2011 Spring/Summer $15.00
115/116 2011 Fall/Winter $15.00
117/118 2012 Spring/Summer $15.00
119/120 2012 Fall/Winter $15.00
121/122 2013 Spring/Summer $15.00

Visit the Mythlore Back Issues page to view a complete of all issues of Mythlore. To subscribe to receive future issues, visit the Mythlore Subscriptions page. An index for Mythlore, including issue 1-102, is available through Mythopoeic Press.

The Mythic Circle

The Mythic Circle is a small literary magazine published annually by the Mythopoeic Society which celebrates the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams.

Latest Issues Date
31 July 2009 $8.00
32 June 2010 $8.00
33 July 2011 $8.00
34 July 2012 $8.00

Visit The Mythic Circle Back Issues page to view a complete of all issues of Mythic Circle. To pre-order the next issue, visit  The Mythic Circle Pre-Orders page.


Mythprint is the monthly bulletin of the Mythopoeic Society. It publishes book reviews, short articles, event information, and other notices of interest to Society members.

Latest Volumes
2009 4 issues $4.00
2010 12 issues; Janet Croft, interim editor for two issues; Jason Fisher, new editor $8.00
Mythprint 2011 12 issues $8.00
Mythprint 2012 10 issues $8.00

Visit the Mythprint Back Issues page to view a complete of all issues of Mythprint. To subscribe to receive future issues, visit the Mythprint Subscriptions page.

Parma Eldalamberon

Parma Eldalamberon (“The Book of Elven Tongues”) is a journal of linguistic studies of fantasy literature, especially of the Elvish languages and nomenclature in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Photocopies of the first five issues are available here. The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, a special interest group of the Mythopoeic Society, now publishes this journal. For information about the availability of more recent issues (6-20), visit their Parma Eldalamberon page.

Parma Eldalamberon 1 (1971) $2.00 Add to Cart
Parma Eldalamberon 2 (1972) $2.00 Add to Cart
Parma Eldalamberon 3 (1973) $3.00 Add to Cart
Parma Eldalamberon 4 (1974) $4.00 Add to Cart
Parma Eldalamberon 5 (1977) $4.00 Add to Cart
Complete Set: Parma Eldalamberon 1-5 $15.00 Add to Cart

Vinyar Tengwar

Vinyar Tengwar is the not-for-profit refereed journal devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien, also published by the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship. For information on availability and prices, visit their Vinyar Tengwar page.

Inactive Publications

A number of publications are no longer actively published by the society. Visit the Inactive Publications archive to view all available back issues of the following publications:

  • Tolkien Journal (1965-1972)
  • Mythopoeic Bulletin (1968-69): Notices of events and discussion topics, art; predecessor of Mythprint
  • Mythril (1971-1980): Stories, poems, art; predecessor of Mythellany
  • Mythellany (1981-1987): Stories, poems, art, riddles; predecessor of Mythic Circle