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Mythopoeic Society

a non-profit organization devoted to the study of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, the Inklings, and the genres of myth and fantasy


Books and periodicals published by the society

Inactive Publications

A number of publications are no longer actively published by the society, but back issues of these publications are still available for purchase.

Tolkien Journal (1965-1972)

All back issues of Tolkien Journal are photocopies. Tolkien Journal #12 is the same as Mythlore #5. The complete set excludes Tolkien Journal #12.

Tolkien Journal 1/2 $0.50 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 3 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 4 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 5 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 6 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 7 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 8 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 9 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 10 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 11 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 12 $3.50 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 13 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 14 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal 15 $2 Add to Cart
Tolkien Journal - Complete Set (1-11, 13-15) $24 Add to Cart

Mythopoeic Bulletin (1968-69)

Mythopoeic Bulletin was the predecessor of Mythprint. It included notices of events and discussion topics, along with original art. Back issues are only available as a complete set.

Mythopoeic Bulletin - Complete Set $3 Add to Cart

Mythril (1971-1980)

Mythril contained stories, poems, and art. It was the predecessor of Mythellany, which was in turn the predecessor of The Mythic Circle. (Mythril #1, #2, and #6 are photocopies.)

Mythril 1 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 2 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 3 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 4 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 5 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 6 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 7 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril 8 $1 Add to Cart
Mythril - Complete Set $8 Add to Cart

Mythellany (1981-1987)

Mythellany included stories, poems, art, and riddles. It was the predecessor of The Mythic Circle. (Mythellany 1981 is a photocopy.)

Mythellany 1981 $2.50 Add to Cart
Mythellany 1982 $3 Add to Cart
Mythellany 1983 $3 Add to Cart
Mythellany 1984 $3 Add to Cart
Mythellany 1987 $3 Add to Cart
Mythellany - Complete Set $14 Add to Cart