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Mythprint 2012

Volume 49
10 issues

January (Volume 49:1, #354)

  • Feature: What’s “Lost” Got To Do With It? By David Bratman.
  • Review: Michael Adams. From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages. Reviewed by Ernest Davis.
  • Review: Stephen D. Rogers. The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Elvish to Klingon, The Anwa, Reella, Ealray, Yeht (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons. Reviewed by Harley J. Sims.
  • Review: Richard Morgan. The Cold Commands. Reviewed by Brian Murphy.

February (Volume 49:2, #355)

  • Feature: “The artist doth protest too much, methinks.” By Troels Forchhammer.
  • Review: Nate Cosby, ed. Jim Henson’s “The StoryTeller” (graphic novel). Reviewed by Harley J. Sims.
  • Review: The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, adapted and directed for the stage by Jeffrey Fiske and Max McLean. Reviewed by David Bratman.
  • Review: “Exploring the Blind Spots: Snowblind Studios’ ‘The Lord of the Rings’: War in the North.” Reviewed by Harley J. Sims.

March (Volume 49:3, #356)

  • Review: Dipping a Pail into the River of Story: The Fantasy Novels of Verlyn Flieger. Reviewed by Paul Edmund Thomas.
  • Review: Danny Birt. Between a Roc and a Hard Place. Reviewed by Alana Joli Abbott.
  • Review: Rainer Nagel. Hobbit Place-names: A Linguistic Excursion through the Shire. Reviewed by Mark T. Hooker.
  • Review: Robert Crossley. Imagining Mars: A Literary History. Reviewed by Ryder W. Miller.
  • Review: Erin Morgenstern. The Night Circus. Reviewed by David Emerson.
  • Review: Anne McCafrey and Todd McCafrey. Dragon’s Time: Dragonriders of Pern. Reviewed by Daniel Baird.

April/May (Volume 49:4/5, #357/358)

  • Review: Robert E. Howard. The Bloody Crown of Conan. Reviewed by Harley J. Sims.
  • Review: The Hunger Games. Lionsgate, 2012. Film reviewed by Donald T. Williams.
  • Review: Sharon Shinn. Troubled Waters. Reviewed by David Emerson.
  • Review: Two versions of The Flint Heart. Reviewed by Pauline J. Alama.
  • Review: Two novels by Terry Brooks. Reviewed by Daniel Baird.

June/July (Volume 49:6/7, #359/360)

  • Review: Verlyn Flieger. Green Suns and Faërie: Essays on J.R.R. Tolkien. Reviewed by Douglas C. Kane.
  • Review: J.R.R. Tolkien. The Art of The Hobbit. Ed. Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull. Reviewed by Edward J. Kloczko.
  • Review: Anthony Burdge, Jessica Burke, and Kristine Larsen, eds. The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman. Reviewed by Hugh H. Davis.

August (Volume 49:8, #361)

  • Conference Report: Angry Birds Wanted My Pillow. Conference Report by Berni Phillips Bratman.
  • Conference Report: Mythcon 43 Report: Laeta in Chorea Magna. By Laura Smith
  • Conference Report: Mythcon Report — Mythcon 43. By Sarah Beach.
  • Conference Report: Wandering Among the Ilk of the Inklings. By J.S. Webster.
  • Announcement: 2012 Mythopoeic Award Winners.
  • Review: J.R.R Tolkien: The True Lord of the Rings. Reviewed by Marcel R. Aubron-Bülles

September (Volume 49:9, #362)

  • Feature: Hobbit Memories.
  • Feature: Memories of The Hobbit in Translation.
  • Interview: Mark Walker, translator of Hobbitus Ille: The Latin Hobbit. By Jason Fisher.
  • Feature: Reflecting on the Opening to The Hobbit. By Mike Foster.
  • Call For Papers: Mythcon 44, July 2013.
  • Review: Corey Olsen. Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Reviewed by David D. Oberhelman.

October (Volume 49:10, #363)

  • Feature: A Year and a Day in the Life of a Hobbit. By Mark T. Hooker.
  • Feature: Following Mythcon 44.
  • Review: “From Gomrath to Ludcruck” Alan Garner. Boneland. Reviewed by Verlyn Flieger.
  • Review: John D. Rateliff. The History of The Hobbit: One Volume Edition. Reviewed by Mike Foster.

November (Volume 49:11, #364)

  • Announcements: 2013 Mythopoeic Awards Announcement; Mythopoeic Awards: Call of Nominations and Volunteers to Serve on the Committees.
  • Feature: Following Mythcon 44.
  • Conference Report: Tolkien in Vermont. By Gerry Blair.
  • Review: Robert E. Howard. The Conquering Sword of Conan. Reviewed by Harley J. Sims.
  • Review: Ruth Berman. Bradamant’s Quest. Reviewed by Alana Joli Abbott.
  • Review: Evangeline Walton. Above Ker-Is and Other Stories. Edited by Douglas Anderson. Reviewed by Laura Lee Smith.

December (Volume 49:12, #365)

  • Interview: A New Interview with Simon Tolkien. By Mike Foster.
  • Film Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Reviewed by Donald T. Williams.
  • Film Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. A Capsule Review by David Bratman.
  • Review: Simon Tolkien. Orders from Berlin. Reviewed by Mike Foster.
  • Review: J.R.R. Tolkien. Hobbitus Ille: The Hobbit Translated into Latin. Translated by Mark Walker. Reviewed by Laura Gibbs.
  • Review: Anna Kashina. The Princess of Dhagabad and Goddess of the Dance. Reviewed by Kelly Jensen.