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Mythprint 2000

Volume 37
12 issues

January (37:1, #214)

  • The Marriage of Sticks. Carroll, Jonathan. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Rowling, J.K. (Reviewed by Sarah Beach)
  • Communion Blood. Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)

March (37:2, #216)

  • The Devil’s Tor. Lindsay, David. (Reviewed by Douglas A. Anderson)
  • Farmer Giles of Ham. Tolkien, J.R.R. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Letters from Father Christmas. Tolkien, J.R.R. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • On Blue’s Waters. Wolfe, Gene. (Reviewed by Diane Joy Baker)

March (37:3, #216)

  • Odder Than Ever. Coville, Bruce. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Garner, Alan. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)
  • The Moon of Gomrath. Garner, Alan. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)
  • Elidor. Garner, Alan. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)
  • The Owl Service. Garner, Alan. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)
  • Rhapsody. Haydon, Elizabeth. (Reviewed by Donovan Mattole)

April (37:4, #217)

  • Tolkien’s Legendarium. Flieger, Verlyn and Carl F. Hostetter. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Glypsy Rizka. Alexander, Lloyd. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Skellig. Almond, David. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Well Wished. Billingsley, Franny. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Firegold. Calhoun, Dia. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Davin. Gordon, Dan and Zaki Gordon. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Rhapsody. Haydon, Elizabeth. (Reviewed by Mary Stolzenbach)
  • Deep Secret. Jones, Diana Wynne. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • The Aubrey-Maturin novels. O’Brian, Patrick. (Reviewed by Mary Stolzenbach)
  • Holes. Sachar, Louis. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Mairelon the Magician. Wrede, Patricia C. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • The Sea Man. Yolen, Jane. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)

June (37:6, #219)

  • The Professor and the Madman. Winchester, Simon. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • ‘The Circle of Magic’ series. Pierce, Tamora. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Edward Lear and the Critics. Colley, Ann C. (Reviewed by Joe R. Christopher)
  • The Folk Keeper. Billingsley, Franny. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)

July (37:7, #220)

  • The Magic Paintbrush. Yep, Laurence. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • The Magician’s Ward. Wrede, Pat. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • The Visitation. Peretti, Frank. (Reviewed by Berni Phillips)
  • If Wishes Were Horses. McCaffrey, Anne. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Forests of the Heart. de Lint, Charles. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Going Through the Gate. Anderson, Janet S. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)

August (37:8, #221)

  • The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien, J.R.R. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Strandloper. Garner, Alan. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)
  • Jack of Kinrowan. de Lint, Charles. (Reviewed by Matt Fisher)

September (37:9, #222)

  • Baum’s Road to Oz: The Dakota Years. Koupal, Nancy Tystad. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • The Wizard of Oz: Shaping an Imaginary World. Rahn, Suzanne. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • Cinderellis and the Glass Hill. Levine, Gail Carson. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • The Wizard’s Map. Yolen, Jane. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)

October (37:10, #223)

  • The King’s Peace. Walton, Jo. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • The Tower at Stony Wood. McKillip, Patricia. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Spindle’s End. MckInley, Robin. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)

November (37:11, #224)

  • Angela Carter: Contemporary Critical Essays. Easton, Alison, ed. (Reviewed by Jane Harrison)
  • Beowulf. Heaney, Seamus, tr. (Reviewed by Arden R. Smith)
  • Pillar of the Sky. Holland, Cecilia. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • The Fox Woman. Johnson, Kij. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • The Perseids and Other Stories. Wilson, Robert Charles. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Sister Emily’s Lightship and Other Stories. Yolen, Jane. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)

December (37:12, #225)

  • Strange and Secret Peoples. Silver, Carole G. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)