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Mythprint 1999

Volume 36
12 issues

January (36:1, #202)

  • The Dragon in Lyonesse. Dickson, Gordon R. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Starlight 2. Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, ed. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Dark Lord of Derkholm. Jones, Diana Wynne. (Reviewed by Berni Phillips)
  • Blessed Bastard. Lehmann, Ruth P.M. (Reviewed by Sarah Beach)
  • The Innamorati. Snyder, Midori. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)

February (36:2, #203)

  • The Avram Davidson Treasury. Davidson, Avram. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • Christian Mythmakers. Hein, Rolland. (Reviewed by Eric Rauscher)
  • Blood Roses. Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)

March (36:3, #204)

  • Gravelight. Bradley, Marion Zimmer. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Heartlight. Bradley, Marion Zimmer. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Smoke and Mirrors. Gaiman, Neil. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • The Lives of Christopher Chant. Jones, Diana Wynne. (Reviewed by Anne Osborn)
  • The Tooth Fairy. Joyce, Graham. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • The History of Our World Beyond the Wave. Klein, R.E. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Sirena. Napoli, Donna Jo. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • The Islander. Rylant, Cynthia. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)

April (36:4, #205)

  • A Child’s Delight. Perrin, Noel. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Oz and Beyond: The Fantasy World of L. Frank Baum. Riley, Michael. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • The Case of Peter Rabbit: Changing Conditions of Literature for Children. Mackey, Margaret. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Flanders. Anthony, Patricia. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Sailing to Sarantium. Kay, Guy Gavriel. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Annotated Myths & Legends. Philip, Neil. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Mockingbird. Stewart, Sean. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)

June (36:6, #207)

  • Fairy Tale. Ellis, Alice Thomas. (Reviewed by Mickie Grover)
  • The High House. Stoddard, James. (Reviewed by Diane Joy Baker)
  • The Fathergod Experiment. Taylor, L.A. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)

July (36:7, #208)

  • The Notorious Abbess. Chapman, Vera. (Reviewed by Alexei Kondratiev)
  • Last Summer at Mars Hill. Hand, Elizabeth. (Reviewed by Diane Joy Baker)
  • The Reel Middle Ages. Harty, Kevin. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology. Wilkinson, Philip. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)

August (36:8, #209)

  • Shadow of the Beast. Carter, Margaret L. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Crystal Mage. Dalkey, Kara. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Rowling, J.K. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Chad Walsh Reviews C.S. Lewis. (Reviewed by Mike Foster)

October (36:10, #211)

  • Heartfire. Card, Orson Scott. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Moonlight and Vines. de Lint, Charles. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • The Wild Road. King, Gabriel. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • C.S. Lewis: Memories and Reflections. Lawlor, John. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • The Squire’s Tale. Morris, Gerald. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)

November (36:11, #212)

  • Dark Cities Underground. Goldstein, Lisa. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Avalon: The Return of King Arthur. Lawhead, Stephen R. (Reviewed by Donovan Mattole)
  • The Frog Prince. Mitchell, Stephen R. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • The Stone War. Robins, Madeleine E. (Reviewed by Mary M. Stolzenbach)
  • Here There Be Dragons. Yolen, Jane. (Reviewed by David Bratman)

December (36:12, #213)

  • Tamsin. Beagle, Peter S. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Elementals. Byatt, A.S. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Black Light. Hand, Elizabeth. (Reviewed by Cheryl Morgan)