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Mythprint 2001

January (38:1, #226)

  • American Fairy Tales: from Rip Van Winkle to the Rootabaga Stories. Philips, Neil, ed. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • A Wondrous Menagerie: Animal Fantasy Stories from American Children’s Literature. West, Mark I., ed. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • Before Oz: Juvenile Fantasy Stories from Nineteenth Century America. West, Mark I., ed. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)

February (38:2, #227)

  • Alice’s Adventures under Ground. Carroll, Lewis. (Reviewed by Arden R. Smith)
  • The Girl on Evangeline Beach. Carter, Anne. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century. Shippey, Tom. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Downsiders. Shusterman, Neal. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Kalifax. Thornton, Duncan. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Growing Wings. Winter, Laurel. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)

March (38:3, #228)

  • Beast. Napoli, Donna Jo. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • The Fantasy Literature of England. Manlove, Colin. (Reviewed by Douglas A. Anderson)
  • The Curse of Chalion. Bujold, Lois McMaster. (Reviewed by Deirdre McCarthy)
  • The Mora Stone. Brooke, Agnes-Mary. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Thirteen Phantasms and Other Stories. Blaylock, James P. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • Declare. Powers, Tim. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)

April (38:4, #229)

  • Cornish Trilogy. Davies, Robertson. (Reviewed by Verlyn Flieger)
  • Camelot 3000. Barr, Mike W. and Brian Bolland. (Reviewed by Sarah Beach)
  • King Arthur in America. Lupack, Alan and Barbara Tepa Lupack. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • Arthurian series. Attanasio, A.A. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • The Doom of Camelot. Lowder, James, ed. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Kingdom of the Grail. Tarr, Judith. (Reviewed by Rodney Parrish)
  • The Skystone. Whyte, Jack. (Reviewed by Diane Joy Baker)

May (38:5, #230)

  • The Quest for the Grail. Poulsen, Christine. (Reviewed by Edith L. Crowe)
  • What If Our World Were Their Heaven? Dick, Philip K. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous. Foster, Don. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • Night Flying. Murphy, Rita. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Firebird trilogy. Tyers, Kathy. (Reviewed by Maria Tatham)

June (38:6, #231)

  • Aria of the Sea. Calhoun, Dia. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Children of Rhatlan. Fesmire, Jonathan. (Reviewed by Deirdre McCarthy)
  • St. Patrick’s Gargoyle. Kurtz, Katherine. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • C.S. Lewis and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mastriola, Arthur. (Reviewed by Mike Foster)
  • Tales of Earthsea. Le Guin, Ursula K. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • The Other Ones. Thesman, Jean. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)

July (38:7, #232)

  • La hobito. Tolkien, J.R.R. (Reviewed by Arden R. Smith)
  • The Crisis and the Quest. Dunning, Stephen M. (Reviewed by Eric Rauscher)
  • Casual Rex. Garcia, Eric. (Reviewed by Mark Ungar)
  • Dragonfly. McLerran, Alice. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • Where Garagiola Waits. Wilber, Rick. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)

August (38:8, #233)

  • Passage. Willis, Connie. (Reviewed by Paula DiSante)
  • ravenShadow. Blevins, Win. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • Kushiel’s Dart. Carey, Jacqueline. (Reviewed by Diane Joy Baker)
  • Thief of Time. Pratchett, Terry. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Nausica? of the Valley of Wind. Miyazaki, Hayao. (Reviewed by Tina Fields)

September (38:9, #234)

  • The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent. Dickson, Gordon R. (Reviewed by Grace Funk)
  • Wizard’s Dilemma. Duane, Diane. (Reviewed by Laura Krentz)
  • American Gods. Gaiman, Neil. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • The Angel and the Sword. Holland, Cecilia. (Reviewed by Mary M. Stolzenbach)
  • The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis. Housman, Clemence. (Reviewed by Eleanor M. Farrell)
  • Written in Venom. Tilton, Lois. (Reviewed by Sherwood Smith)
  • Boots and the Seven Leaguers. Yolen, Jane. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)

October (38:10, #235)

  • Uncommon Places. Kerman, Judy and Don Riggs. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • C.S. Lewis, Poet: The Legacy of His Poetic Impulse. King, Don. W. (Reviewed by Doris T. Myers)

November (38:11, #236)

  • The Other Wind. Le Guin, Ursula K. (Reviewed by Edith Crowe)
  • The Other Wind. Le Guin, Ursula K. (Reviewed by David Bratman)

December (38:12, #237)

  • Swim the Moon. Brandon, Paul. (Reviewed by Matthew Scott Winslow)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien and His Literary Resonances: Views of Middle-earth. Clark, George and Daniel Timmons. (Reviewed by David Bratman)
  • The Dreamthief’s Daughter. Moorcock, Michael. (Reviewed by Mary Kay Kare)
  • Rowan of Rin. Rodda, Emily. (Reviewed by Claire and David Lenander)