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Mythlore Index: Issues 1-102

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Published:Altadena - Dec 31, 2007
Format:Paperback, 314 pages
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Index Supplements

  • Mythlore 101/102 – 117/118 (through Volume 30:3-4, Spring/Summer 2012): Download
  • Index to Mythcon Conference Proceedings (1969-1972, 1985, 1998): Download
  • Index to Tolkien Journal 1-18 (1965-1976): Learn More | Price: $2.50 + Shipping | Add to Cart (USA)

Mythlore reached a milestone in 2007 when it published its 100th issue. Originally covering issues 1-100, the index has now been expanded to include all articles and reviews published in issues 1-102. Articles are indexed by author, title, and subject, and reviews by author and author of item reviewed. The index is illustrated with classic black and white artwork from early issues by Tim Kirk and Sarah Beach. This essential reference in mythopoeic studies will be updated by addenda published on the Society’s web site after the publication of each Mythlore issue.