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The Mythic Circle

A literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, and artwork

The Mythic Circle 29

Table of Contents

Editorial; About Our Cover Illustrations 59
Letters; About This Publication 60
About Our Contributors 61


John Kuhn Bed of Og 4
Pat Esden The Myth of Keji 16
M. Tatham The Little Brown Bottle 25
JA Howe He Who Sang the Song 34
S. Dorman God Said 41
Geoffrey Reiter Rhapsody Kinetic 44
Dag Rossman The Tree-Woman 52
Ryder Miller Frearfire 54


Kate Reilly Metal and Ice 3
Soccer Mom 30
Unicorn Living 51
David Sparenberg Tattooed 15
The Glimmer Man 33
Dolphins 43
Musical 43
Joe R. Christopher The Matter of Peloponessus 31
Berrien Henderson Achilles Nearing the Walls of Troy 32


Bonnie Callahan Front Cover, 19, 23, 48
Tim Callahan 39
Sharon C. Rossman 53
Jef Murray Back Cover