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The Mythic Circle

A literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, and artwork

The Mythic Circle 33

Table of Contents

About This Publication 13
Editorial (Gwenyth Hood) 14
About Our Contributors 16


Erin Avery The Silver Cup 3
Ryder Miller The Purple Crusade 8
Eric J. Kregel She Shall Live On 21
Fred Hilary The Fairy Wife 35
David Sparenberg Mariposa 49
Dag Rossman The Quality of Mercy 52
Joe Krauss Sarbanes at Sea 57


David Sparenberg Poetry Is — 19
October Williams Tree in a September Storm, Carretera Picacho Ajusco 20
Joshua Drake On Caterpillars, Corneille, and Canova 48
Roger Echo-Hawk Summer Solstice 50
D. S. Martin What Lucy Saw 56


Bonnie Callahan Front Cover, 40, 47
Tim Callahan Back Cover, 4

Editor: Gwenyth E. Hood
Editorial Associate: Daniel Baird
Copyright © 2011 by The Mythopoeic Society; all rights revert to authors and illustrators.