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The Mythic Circle

A literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, and artwork

The Mythic Circle 32

Table of Contents

About This Publication 44
Editorial (Gwenyth Hood) 44
About Our Contributors 45


Daniel Baird The Warlock and the Nis 1
Harry Steven Lazerus The Rose Prince 8
Joan Verba The Wisest Wizard 28
Ryder Miller The Fall of Anteaus 35
Dag Rossman The Walker in Shadows 52


October Williams The Mer-Tree 4
October Williams Matins 43
October Williams Dust 47
David Sparenberg The Wind of Andrea Boceli 5
David Sparenberg Freedom and Slavery 50
Janet Croft Arachne 6
Joe R. Christopher The Ballad of H. M. S. Beagle 26
Todd W. Swanson The Lay of Aethernad 42
Kenneth Burtness The Forgotten Wand 48


Tim Callahan Front Cover and illustrations on pp. 32, 41, 49, 58 (back cover).
Kathy Edwards pp. 2, 3, 6-7, 27

Editor: Gwenyth E. Hood
Editorial Associate: Daniel Baird
Copyright © 2010 by The Mythopoeic Society; all rights revert to authors and illustrators.