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The Mythic Circle

A literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, and artwork

The Mythic Circle 31

Table of Contents

About This Publication 3
Editorial, Commentary,  Moldiwhether’s Minutes (Gwenyth Hood) 3,44
About Our Contributors 42


David Sparenberg The Power Of Love: A Dream and Amplification 4
Ryder Miller A Tear in the Sky 10
JA Howe The Lord of All He Surveyed 17
Dag Rossman Brekka 21
Mary Johnson The Five Blows 33
Joe R. Christopher
and Donald H. Hinkle
Eggzactly 36
William Wandless The Third Mercy 38
Randy Hoyt Ravana Questions Hanuman 49


David Sparenberg Odyssey 2
Joel Zartman Another World 6
Joe R. Christopher A Suburb of the City of Dis 7
David Sparenberg Lao Tzu 8
David Sparenberg Waterstone 16
Colin James Acting Out Among the Ferae Naturae 19
David Sparenberg Madonna 20
Joel Zartman October’s Showers 41


Tim Callahan Front Cover and illustrations on pp. 30, 34, and 51.

Editor: Gwenyth E. Hood
Copyright © 2009 by The Mythopoeic Society; all rights revert to authors and illustrators.