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The Mythic Circle

A literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, and artwork

The Mythic Circle 30

Table of Contents

Editorial and Letters 50
About This Publication 51
About Our Contributors 51


Ryder Miller Tropic of Dystopia 24
SD Williams Swimming 31
Joe R. Christopher Shpuch and Shtaj 42
Dag Rossman Dragonseeker 54


Tim Callahan The Hunter and the Queen of Heaven 2
David Sparenberg Vision Quest 23
Berrien Henderson Achilles Nearing the Walls of Troy 29
Lala Heine-Koehn The Love Letter 30
David Sparenberg When Pachelbel Went To Sea 34
Joe R. Christopher The Kerynæan Hind 35
Don Williams Three Sonnets 39
Lala Heine-Koehn The Ice Bird 41
Randy Hoyt Song of Kaikeyi 47
Sørina Higgins Hill of Kings 49


Tim Callahan Front Cover: Ashtart looks down on from Heaven upon Tammuz and his hounds (from “The Hunter and the Queen of Heaven,” also by Tim Callahan). Also illustrations on pp. 8, 11, 13, 20, 21, 30 and 48.
C. J. Bloomer Back Cover: Nidhogg guards Niflheim (from “The Dragon Seeker” by Dag Rossman). Also illustrations on pp. 31, 32, 33, 40, 55, 58, and 59.
Bonnie Callahan Illustrations on 43 and 46.

Editor: Gwenyth E. Hood
Copyright © 2008 by The Mythopoeic Society; all rights revert to authors and illustrators.