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Mythcon 38 - August 2007

Mythcon 38 Progress Report 2

Download This Report (.doc, 3.8 MB)


The 38th Annual Mythopoeic Conference

Progress Report 2

August 3-6, 2007

Clark Kerr Campus, Berkeley, California

Becoming Adept: The Journey to Mastery

Guests of Honor: Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman



Last Day to Purchase At Pre-Con Rates July 15, 2007

Room & Board

Full room/board payments due July 15, 2007

See Below

Food only payments due July 15, 2007

Registering your computer with UCB

For Internet access through UCB at Mythcon August 2, 2007

Parking Permit

We strongly recommend you purchase your permit by July 15, 2007

Permits may be purchased at Mythcon August 3, 2007 before 4pm


Pre-convention rates are good through July 15, 2007:

Pre-July 15 On-Site Full Conference
Members $75 $85
Non-members $85 $95
Registered students, a 12 & up $50 $60

Children under 12 free

On-Site One-Day memberships are available for $35.

PayPal registration is available at [].

To pay by check, make checks payable to The Mythopoeic Society and mail to:

Bonnie Rauscher, Registrar
2231 10th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
bonnier (at)

If you are uncertain of your Society membership status, please contact our Membership Secretary, Marion Van Loo, at membership (at)

Check In/Registration

Room registration, for people staying on campus, is in the lobby of the Administration Building, at the top of the circular driveway that marks the main Warring Street entrance. Please do not park at the head of the driveway any longer than the absolute minimum of time needed to check in.

Mythcon registration, for your conference registration materials (badges, program books, parking permits, commuter meals), will also be in the Administration Building lobby on Friday from noon until dinner (6pm). After dinner and on Saturday morning 8am-9am, Mythcon registration will be in the lobby of the Krutch Theatre, which is on the right side of the same entrance drive.

At other times, check the table to see if anyone is stationed there. If not, look for Bonnie Rauscher, ask other committee members for directions, or call her on her cell phone: (510) 206-5915, at any time between 8am and 10pm.

Room & Board

All room and board payments must be sent in by July 15, 2007.

Full Room and Board Package

Room and board rates are per person, for Friday dinner through Monday breakfast, including banquet and three nights lodging. The principal distinction between the residence halls and suites is the location of the bathroom. Each room (single or double) in the suites shares a small semi-private bathroom with an adjacent room. In the residence halls, larger bathrooms are located down the hall. Suites may also have small kitchenettes.

See PayPal and check information above for how to pay.

If you wish to stay on campus extra nights, or have other special needs or concerns, including disability limitations, please contact the Registrar (address above).

Residence hall, double occupancy $275
Residence hall, single room $335
Suites, double occupancy $290
Suites, single room $365

Meal Packages and Individual


The food at Clark Kerr is excellent, nothing at all like the dorm food you hated so well in college. Shared meals are a large part of Mythcon, and give attendees the chance to mingle with fellow mythopoeics. If you wish to join us in the communal dining which is a wonderful part of the “MythCon Experience,” please order your meal package by July 15th. Availability will be extremely limited at the conference. Avoid disappointment—buy your meal package now! (Meals at the door are likely to be unavailable and there are no restaurants less than 1/2 mile from campus.)

All meal payments must be sent in by July 15, 2007.

Complete Package covers Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch & Dinner, Sunday Lunch, Sunday Banquet; a $2 savings from the individual meal prices below. You may also sign up for individual meals:

Complete Meal Package $127
Breakfast $11
Lunch $17
Dinner $22
Banquet $51

Banquet Preview

The Mythcon Banquet, served in a beautiful 1920s dining room, is not just a delicious meal, it’s an event. Included in the price of admission is the revered Mythcon tradition of Food Sculptures. Delia Sherman’s Guest of Honor speech and other events will be in this room, after the meal and before our move to Krutch Theatre.

The banquet will be served buffet-style; menu items will include

  • Apple and Jarlsburg Salad, and Garden Green Salad with Candied Nuts and Mandarin Oranges
  • Pomegranate Chicken
  • Butternut Squash Ravioli with Fried Sage and Brown Butter*
  • Herb Roasted Potatoes
  • Haricot Verts (French green beans) with Cashews
  • Glazed Carrots and Turnips
  • Dessert (to be determined later)
  • Wine, Coffee, Tea, Water, and possibly other beverages

* Please let us know if you would prefer this entrée as we are inquiring whether it will be possible to have this specifically for those wishing a vegetarian meal, and adding a second meat entrée.

Guests of Honor

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman have made great contributions to the mythopoeic and interstitial arts, and we are proud to welcome them to Mythcon 38. Both authors are active in the Interstitial Arts Foundation, discussing and promoting “art that flourishes in the borderlands between disciplines, mediums, and cultures.” In addition to being past MFA winners, both our Guests of Honor were nominated this year for Nebula Awards of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Kushner for The Privilege of the Sword and Sherman for the short story “Walpurgis Afternoon”(in The Year’s Best Fantasy for 2005, edited by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, Tachyon Press).

Bibliography of available titles by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman

    By Ellen Kushner

  • The Golden Dreydl, Charlesbridge, July 2007
  • The Privilege Of The Sword, Bantam Books, August 2006, June 2007 (pb)
  • Thomas The Rhymer, Bantam Books, re-release June 2004 (pb)
  • Swordspoint, Bantam Books, 2003 re-release (pb) including three stories not in the original (1989) edition
    By Delia Sherman

  • Changeling, Viking, August 2006
  • Through A Brazen Mirror, Circlet Press, 1999
    By Ellen and Delia

  • The Fall Of The Kings, Bantam Books, 2002 (tp), 2003 (pb)
    Edited by Ellen and Delia

  • Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing (ed. Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss), Interstitial Arts Foundation, 2007
  • The Horns Of Elfland. stories of music and fantasy (ed. Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, and Donald G. Keller), Roc, 1997

Schedule of Events

Here’s an approximate schedule of Mythcon highlights to let you know what we have planned.


Registration begins at noon. Programming will begin in mid-afternoon, and the dealers’ room will open. Our first meal on campus will be dinner, served 6-7pm. Then something different this year: the Procession and Opening Ceremonies will take place immediately after dinner. Instead of a speech, we will have a short dramatization from The Fall of the Kings by our Guests of Honor. Later on in the evening: English country dancing led by our dancemaster Alan Winston (Friday only), the opening night party (with sequels on the following evenings), and the Bardic Circle and film program (every night).


Breakfast is served starting at 7am and ending at 9am, so you can stumble in at quarter to 9 and still get coffee. Programming begins at 9, and continues all day with a break for lunch, and the dealers’ room will be open. After dinner, a mixture of evening programming. Ellen Kushner will perform a one-woman show based on her Mythopoeic Fantasy Award-winning novel Thomas the Rhymer. On the lighter side, Lynn Maudlin and Mike Foster will present “Lord of the Ringos,” the Tolkien musical that the Beatles would have written, and the Not-Ready-for-Mythcon Players will be - not ready.


Breakfast and daytime programming on the same schedule as Saturday; dealers’ room closes at 4pm. Today’s special highlight is the Auction in mid-afternoon. Here you may purchase books, artwork, and all the other kipple you love to take home. For dinner tonight, the fabulous Mythcon Banquet, followed by a Guest of Honor speech by Delia Sherman, and a concert by Brocelïande, who will perform the musical settings of Tolkien poems, composed by Marion Zimmer Bradley and themselves, from their renowned
(but alas out-of-print) album The Starlit Jewel. Attendees of earlier Bay Area Mythcons will remember this Medieval-Renaissance-Celtic group and their beautiful music.


One more breakfast, and morning programming to be concluded with the Members’ Meeting, at which you can meet the Mythopoeic Society’s governing Council of Stewards and ask about our policies and future plans. The Closing Ceremonies, including the singing of the traditional songs, will end by noon. There is no on-campus lunch. For those who have the afternoon free, a walking tour of mythic Berkeley will depart at noon, stopping for lunch on legendary Telegraph Avenue. We’ll visit sites depicted in several Berkeley-set fantasy novels, see historic Sixties Berkeley sites on the way, and there’ll be time for shopping. The walkers should return about 4pm.

Panel Discussions:

  • The conference theme, “Becoming Adept: The Journey to Mastery”
  • How fantasy writers achieve their own journey to mastery as writers
  • How magic is interpreted in fantasy: as a craft, as a science
  • The nature of imaginary worlds: is magic necessary to have a fantasy?
  • Adolescence and young adulthood as interstitial states on the journey to mastery
  • How the Inklings functioned as a writers’ workshop
  • The door-wardens of fantasy: how publishers, booksellers, librarians and others guide you to good reading

Other Mythcon highlights

  • Readings by our Guests of Honor and other attending authors
  • Ellen Kushner will present a lecture-demo on the making of her Sound & Spirit radio program on The Lord of the Rings and music
  • Book discussions of Mythopoeic Award nominees and (brace yourselves) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Do-it-yourself programming: an announcement board for members to list program items of their own creation


  • Sarah Lynne Bowman - The Great Mother Archetype in Classic and Contemporary Fantasy Fiction
  • Ethan Campbell and Robert Jackson – ‘Good, Not Safe’: Structure vs. Chaos in Narnia and the Writing Workshop
  • Skye Cervone – From Elfland to Technological Wasteland: Illuminating the Effect of Lord Dunsany on the Work of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Amy Clarke - “Real Mages Do It with Their Staffs”: Revising the Erotic
    Life of Earthsea
  • Mike Foster – George Sayer: Pupil, Biographer, and Friend of Inklings
  • Diana Pavlac Glyer - Adept at Scholarship: Allies and Obstacles in the Field of Inklings Studies
  • Mark Hall – The Biography of Conan the Cimmerian: Time to Thank the Editors and Pasticheurs?
  • Alison Heney - Into the Woods: Murakami and the Fairy Tale
  • Mark T. Hooker – The Etymology of Tom Bombadil and Dwimmerlaik
  • Douglas C. Kane – Arda Reconstructed: The Creation of the Published Silmarillion
  • Romuald Ian Lakowski - “A Wilderness of Dragons”: Tolkien’s Dragons and Medieval Literature
  • Kerrie Le Lievre - If We Can Just Get Through This Part: Rethinking Mastery in Gwyneth Jones Bold as Love series
  • Nancy Martsch - Knighthood in Middle-Earth
  • Nicolle Minnerly - The Metafantasy of Middle Earth
  • Natasha Minnerly – Snowflakes out of Fire: Tolkien’s Anatomy of Joy
  • David D. Oberhelman – Becoming a God: Oedipal Drama and Divinity in the Fiction of Neil Gaiman
  • Victoria Oldham - Contemporary Mythological Constructions of Gender and the Social Implications of Mythological Female Mastery
  • Lisa Padol - Passing the Torch: Masters taking Apprentices in the works of
    Ellen Kushner
  • Karla Powell – How Does Awareness Fit into the Journey from Apprentice to Mastery?
  • Robin Anne Reid - Slashing the Fathers: Who’s Anxious Now?
  • Deborah Sabo – Tolkien’s Noble Savage: Construction of the Primitive in
    The Lord of the Rings”
  • Karen Sullivan - Gardeners and Thieves: Metaphors for Good and Evil Mastery in The Lord of the Rings
  • Taryne Jade Taylor - Forget Bombadil: Who in Helm’s Deep is Goldberry?
  • Michael Underwood - The Journey from Adept to Mastery: Getting Physical in Middle-Earth
  • David Westlake - Escaping Hell: Williams on the Importance of Relationships
  • Donald T. Williams – English Literature in the Sixteenth Century: C.S. Lewis as a Literary Historian

The Dealers’ Room

The Dealers’ Room is still being set up. We may have spaces left — please contact Tom Whitmore directly if you are interested (t.s.whitmore(at) Tables are going to cost $60, and do not include convention membership; if you wish to attend a lot of programming, please buy a membership separately. Membership is not necessary for dealers. Hours will be e-mailed to all dealers: we’re expecting to set up on Friday and break down midafternoon Sunday. We’re likely to have lots of good books, some you may never have seen before.


Mathoms from your bookshelves and art collections are respectfully solicited for the Mythcon auction, to raise funds for the Society. Auctioneers Eric Rauscher and Tom Whitmore will await your raised hands and checkbooks on Sunday afternoon. You may bring these items along to Mythcon, or mail them to the Registrar.

Please include a cover letter with name, address and percentage donated to the Society (cannot be less than 40 percent). All of the amount donated to the Society is tax deductible. Also, please indicate whether unsold items should be returned (postage deducted from your check), kept for future auctions, or tossed.

Mythcon Video/Photo Policy

Members of the Mythopoeic Conference are welcome to take available-light photographs and video for personal use. We ask that you use caution when taking flash photographs. Performers reserve all rights to their performances and may request that cameras (video and/or still) be turned off. No film maybe taken for commercial purposes without written clearance of the filmed subjects; neither may video be uploaded to YouTube or similar sites without express permission of the subjects of said video.

Thank you for your cooperation; remember, the face you save may be your own!

Conference Site Information

The Clark Kerr Campus, a complex of attractive 1920s Spanish-style buildings, is located at 2601 Warring St., Berkeley, CA 94720 (between Dwight Way and Derby St.) in southeast Berkeley


by Air

Air travelers are advised to fly into Oakland International Airport (OAK) if possible. It’s smaller and closer to our site than San Francisco International (SFO), less subject to weather delays (San Francisco can be very foggy in summer), and thus easier to use.

Several shuttle services will take you directly to Clark Kerr from either airport, and this is the easiest and most advisable method of getting here from there. Most shuttles offer door-to-door service to the residence halls, upon request. Reservations are required. BayPorter Express (, phone (415) 467-1800, charges $23/person from OAK and $27 from SFO. SuperShuttle (, phone (415) 558-8500, charges $32 from OAK and $40 from SFO for the first person and $8 for each additional person. Reservations must be made in advance, by phone or online, except for SuperShuttle coming from SFO.

BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (, serves both airports, SFO directly and OAK via the AirBART shuttle bus. But Clark Kerr is over a mile (uphill) from the nearest BART station, and the nearest bus route passes three blocks away. Travelers taking BART should consider catching a taxi at the Berkeley BART station or arranging to be picked up there.

Driving Directions

The site may be reached by car from various directions. Easiest for people unfamiliar with the area is to exit from state highway 24, which may be accessed from downtown Oakland and I-580 coming from the west or south, or from I-680 at Walnut Creek coming from the east or north.

If you heard about fire damage and closing the freeway in the East Bay, not to worry—it’s all repaired!

For specific directions see

For current driving conditions, check or dial 511 on your telephone.

Public Transit Information

More information than you ever wanted, including interactive route planners, can be found at
Dialing 511 on telephones in the Bay Area, including most cell phones, also links you to transit information.


We strongly advise members planning to park on campus for the whole weekend to purchase parking permits in advance.

Cars may be parked in Clark Kerr’s Southwest Lot only. This is located behind Krutch Theatre, our programming building, with an entrance on Warring St. just north of Derby St. Parking in the main entrance horseshoe, or in the Northwest Lot close to the suites (entrance off Dwight Way) is for brief check-in only and is at your own risk: UC Berkeley meter wardens are said to be vigilant and strict.

To park in the Southwest Lot you will need a dashboard permit. Permits covering the whole weekend cost $39 and may be purchased by mail from Mythcon, by PayPal at the Mythcon Registration website, or when you register on Friday afternoon. We cannot obtain weekend permits after 4 PM Friday: once they’re gone we have no more.

If you’re commuting, you may find it more convenient to obtain a time permit from a machine in the Southwest Lot. These take bills, and coins down to nickels, exact change only. Rates are on the machine: they start at $3 for the first hour on weekdays, and 50 cents per half hour on evenings and weekends.
If you’re staying on campus, to use the time permits will cost as much or more than the weekend permit; you’ll need at least four of them; you’ll need a lot of bills; and enforcement begins at 5 AM. So we recommend this for commuters only.

Non-resident street parking off campus is limited to 2 hours except on Sunday, and is hard to find.


Map of Clark Kerr & Vicinity:
Map of Clark Kerr Campus:

Wired Internet Connection at the Conference

Those of us who need our internet connection at the con will have wired connectivity in our rooms. There is also limited wireless capacity in the dining hall and surrounds; there is no wireless in the meeting rooms. Full Information is available at

However, you must register your computer before you get to the convention. Finalizing the data requires human intervention and they take the weekends off.

Their instructions are as follows:

  1. Go online to click on “Register Your Ethernet Adapter” and select “Conference Guest.”
  2. Enter the login and password from your conference organizer. (see below)
  3. Type in your name, email, phone number (optional), and Ethernet card address (i.e., MAC address, physical address, adapter address, or Ethernet address), and click “Register.”
  4. For instructions on finding the Ethernet card address, please visit

Note on Ethernet Card Address: just put in the numbers /letters, no punctuation, the system will add the punctuation required.

To obtain our Conference Name and Password, contact Lisa Deutch Harrigan (Treasurer of MythCon and occasional computer wizard). Lisa has already done this and successfully registered her laptop. If you have any problems contact her at mythsoc(at)

You Must Bring a Long Ethernet Cable (they recommend 25 feet), as the plug can be anywhere in your room/suite and they do not provide cable. These are wired connections.

If you are traveling without your computers, there is a Print and Email Station in the Main Building.
The temporary room, when we were there last, had Dell computers outfitted with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. A laser printer was attached to the group. It will only print on paper. Information on the room is at


  • Chair, David Bratman
  • Registrar, Bonnie Rauscher
  • Site Liaison, Eric
  • Treasurer, Lisa Deutsch
  • Papers Coordinator,
    Eleanor M. Farrell
  • Publications Editor,
    Edith L. Crowe
  • Publications Design,
    Sarah Goodman
  • F ilms,
    Arden R. Smith
  • DealersRoom,
    Tom Whitmore
  • Bardic Circle,
    Diana L. Paxson
  • Additional committee:
    • Lynn Maudlin (Secretary
      for Mythopoeic Conferences
    • Elizabeth M. Daniels


  • Sarah Beach
  • Sharon Bolding
  • Tina L. Bomar
  • Berni Phillips Bratman
  • David Bratman
  • Anthony Burdge
  • Jessica Burke
  • Marjorie Burns
  • Bonnie Callahan
  • Tim Callahan
  • Alene Campbell
  • Ethan Campbell
  • Adam Victor Christensen
  • Gavin Claypool
  • Edith Crowe
  • Elizabeth Daniels
  • Ellen Denham
  • Paula DiSante
  • Stephan Faesi
  • Eleanor Farrell
  • Kyle-Alexandria Ferstead
  • Sue Forsee
  • Joanne Foster
  • Martha Foster
  • Mike Foster
  • Marcie Geffner
  • Christopher Gilson
  • Diana Glyer
  • Mike Glyer
  • Lisa Goldstein
  • Guest of Sarah Goodman
  • Sarah Goodman
  • Mark Hall
  • Harold Harrigan
  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
  • Harold Harrigan III
  • Phyllis Holliday
  • Gerry Holmes
  • Gwenyth Hood
  • Carl Hostetter
  • Lenore Jackson
  • Robert Jackson
  • John James
  • Jo Ann Johnson
  • Douglas Kane
  • Mary Jo Kapsalis
  • Mary Kay Kare
  • Ellen Klages
  • Alexei Kondratiev
  • Joshua Kronengold
  • Ellen Kushner
  • Romuald Lakowski
  • Julian Lander
  • John Shelton Lawrence
  • Kerrie LeLievre
  • Cat Lenander
  • David Lenander
  • Nancy Martsch
  • Lynn Maudlin
  • Ginger McElwee
  • Gary Myer
  • Jerry Minor
  • Mary Morman
  • Pat Murphy
  • Eve Neuhaus
  • David Oberhelman
  • Victoria Oldham
  • Anne Osborn Coopersmith
  • Lisa Padol
  • Susan Palwick
  • Ravi Peruman
  • Tracy Peruman
  • Karla Powell
  • George Quigtar
  • Autumn Rauscher
  • Bonnie Rauscher
  • Emily Rauscher
  • Eric Rauscher
  • Madeleine Robins
  • Deborah Sabo
  • Delia Sherman
  • Donald P. Simpson
  • Ronald Siskind
  • R Elese Sizemore
  • Arden Smith
  • Sherwood Smith
  • Diane Spahr
  • Dolores Speth
  • Lee Speth
  • Karen Sullivan
  • Eve Sweetser
  • Taryne Taylor
  • Marion VanLoo
  • Linda Von Braskat-Crowe
  • Wendell Wagner
  • Christopher Wait
  • Jacqueline Wait
  • Bill Welden
  • Christopher Welden
  • Julia Welden
  • David Westlake
  • Jo Alida Wilcox
  • Donald Williams
  • Amy Wisniewski
  • Patrick Wynne