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Mythcon 31 Program

Guest of Honor Talks

  • Legend as Modern Metaphor (Steven Goldsberry)
  • The Secret of Kapokohelele Cave (Steven Goldsberry)


  • Christine Barkley, “Studying Tolkien Online: Supplemental Material for a Tolkien Class”
  • David Bratman, “The Geography of Earthsea”
  • David Bratman, “The Inklings and the Pacific Ocean”
  • Diana Pavlac Glyer, “‘I’ve a good mind to punch your head…’: Criticism and Conflict Among the Inklings”
  • Diana Pavlac Glyer, “Joy Davidman’s Weeping Bay: Neglected Masterpiece, Feeble Effort, or Blasphemous Anti-Catholic Tract?”
  • Tina Hamrin-Dahl, “The Pig God Kamapua’a, the Volcano Goddess Pele: Morals, Manners and Customs”
  • Darci Hill, “The Mythic Vision of C.S. Lewis: Sensucht and his Romance Trilogy”
  • LeiLani Hinds, “Images of Mountains and Volcanoes in Myths and Fairy Tales from the Bible to Tolkien”
  • Michael Johnson, “That Hideous Eldil”
  • Alexei Kondratiev, “Celtic Lehua: Padraic Colum’s Re-Tellings of Polynesian Myth”
  • Doris T. Myers, “‘The New Psychology’ in Glome”
  • Rebecca Umland and Samuel J. Umland, “All For Love: The Myth of Romantic Passion in Japanese Cinema”


  • Women Heroes in Fantasy
    Melisa Michaels , Mary Kay Kare, U’i Goldsberry, Ken Burtness (moderator)

Other Events

  • The Blessing of Mythcon — Walk to the Caldera — Stories of Pele
  • Pacific Island Storytelling (Sponsor: Sammath Naur)
  • Healing and Understanding through Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror Film (Ken Burtness)
  • Myth and Legend Through Puppetry (Heather Hollmann)
  • Discussion: 2000 Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards (Sponsor: Butterbur’s Woodshed)
  • Discussion: Maui the Demigod (Sponsor: Sammath Naur)
  • Fun and Fantasy with Kids (Heather Hollmann)
  • Third Annual Mythcon Book Toss (Sponsor: Khazad-dûm)
  • The Old Stories of Narnia (Reader’s Theater: Darci Hill)
  • Great Mythopoeic Books (Sponsor: Sammath Naur)
  • Volcano Hike (Leader: Steve Brown)
  • Film Program

Mythcon Traditions