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Mythcon 27 – July 1996

Guests of Honor

  • Scholar: Doris T. Myers, author of C.S. Lewis in Context
  • Artist: Ted Nasmith, artist of the 1996 Tolkien Calendar

Papers Presented

  • Dr. Janice Bogstad, “Science/Magic Cusp: The 15th Century in Crowley, Eco, Gentle and Selected Contemporary Fantasy”
  • David Bratman, “Hugo Dyson: Inkling, Teacher, Bon Vivant” and “Comparison of England’s and Middle-earth’s Administrative Geography”
  • Dr. Joe Christopher, “The Nature Poetry of C.S. Lewis” and “The Dantean Structure of The Great Divorce
  • Steve Deyo, “Mytho-Poetic Diction: The Origins of Mythopoeia in the Works of Owen Barfield” and “A Secret Vice Re-examined: A Present Day Etiology”
  • David Downing, “Development of Lewis’ Otherworldly Nature Imagery”
  • Dr. Verlyn Flieger, “The Green World in Conflict: Nature and Culture in Tolkien’s Middle-earth”
  • Prof. Michael A. Foster, “The Forest and the Hall: Nature and Man in Smith of Wootton Major
  • Dr. Diana Pavlac-Glyer, “An Antidote to Shadowlands”
  • Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, “Views and Visions of Nature in Tolkien’s Art”
  • Susanne E. Hill, “C.S. Lewis on Animals, Nature and Ethics”
  • Gary Hunnewell, “The Astronomy of Durin’s Day”
  • Alexei Kondratiev, “An Cuma Scéal? (Does the Story Matter?) Two Celtic Language Writers of Modern Fantasy: Séamus MacAnnaidh and Robin Llywelyn”
  • Dr. Bruce Leonard, “The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder of Frodo Baggins”
  • Michael Johnson, “How Many Eldila Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?”
  • Nancy Martsch, “J.R.R. Tolkien and American Fantasy”
  • Marta Gracia de la Puerta, “Tolkien’s Concept of Nature: Correlations with Galicia’s Sense of Nature”
  • Heidi Peterson, “In the Beginning: Reading Lewis into the Writing Nature Canon”
  • David Sandner, “The Fantastic Sublime: Tolkien’s “On Fairy Stories” and the Romantic Sublime”
  • Dr. William Sarjeant, “The Geology of Middle-earth”
  • Tim Schindler, “The Temptations of the One Ring of Power as Correlated to the Three Temptations of Christ in the Wilderness”
  • Arden Smith, “Rúmilian Alphabet Workshop”