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About the Society


Many Mythopoeic Society members have set up their own web sites; as a benefit of membership, we offer links on this page to the personal web sites of our members. We hope this list of links will help Mythopoeic Society members meet and communicate with each other, exchange information, and share interests and activities.

These links must reference personal pages, not stores or commercial businesses. The Mythopoeic Society disavows any knowledge or implied endorsement of what its members are up to.

If you are interested in being included, please send your web site address and a brief description (one or two sentences) to

  • Buket Akgun
    Buket Akgün is Assistant Professor of English at Istanbul University, teaching, among other subjects, mythology, fantasy fiction, witches and witchcraft in fiction. She has published on witches and witchcraft, classical reception, mythology and speculative fiction.

  • Alma Alexander
    Alma Alexander writes for both adult (The Secrets of Jin Shei, The Hidden Queen, and Changer of Days) and YA audiences (the YA Worldweavers trilogy: Gift of the Unmage, Spellspam, and Cybermage). Her work has appeared in fourteen languages worldwide.

  • R.J. Anderson
    R.J. Anderson, a UK-bestselling author of middle grade and young adult fiction, claims Lewis and Tolkien as her primary influences in writing fantastic stories for the general market out of a Christian worldview. Her books include Knife (published as Spell Hunter in North America), and the psychological/SF thriller Ultraviolet, which was shortlisted for the 2012 Andre Norton Award.

  • Sarah Arthur
    Sarah Arthur is the author of Walking with Frodo: A Devotional Journey through The Lord of the Rings and the sequel Walking with Bilbo: A Devotional Adventure through The Hobbit (2005). This site highlights her published works, speaking topics, articles, poetry, illustrations, and links.

  • Steve Babb
    Steve is perhaps best known as the bassist and lyricist for the progressive rock band Glass Hammer. For his lyrics and fantasy-themed poetry he and the group were presented “The Imperishable Flame Award For Tolkien-Inspired Creativity” by The North East Tolkien Society. His first book, the critically acclaimed “The Lay Of Lirazel” is a combination of High-Fantasy and Epic Poetry set for release in the fall of 2014.

  • Sarah Beach
    Longtime MythSoc member (since around 1974) Sarah Beach, has built her website as something like an online magazine (with irregular updates, alas). Her main interest is on writing, but in particular writing about the fantastical in all its forms. You can even find some of her old MYTHLORE material posted on the site.

  • David Berberick: Surveying Middle-earth
    David Berberick is an author conducting a survey of Tolkien readers, asking them to share their thoughts and experiences reading Tolkien’s books.

  • Jane Bigelow
    This site is devoted principally to Jane’s new book Talisman, what she’s doing, and who she is.

  • Nancy Marie Brown
    Nancy Marie Brown’s most recent book, Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths, is a biography of the medieval Icelandic author Snorri Sturluson in light of his influence on Tolkien and modern fantasy writing. She blogs on her adventures in Iceland and the medieval world.

  • Robert G. Brown
    Robert G. Brown is a theoretical physicist at Duke University, a systems engineer and computer consultant, a poet, and the author of the mythopoeic novel The Book of Lilith, which retells the story of creation itself the way it should have been told, with magic and humor and even a bit of philosophy.

  • Rae Bryant
    Rae Bryant is a short story author, novelist, reviewer, submissions editor for Fantasy Magazine, and promotions editor for Apex Digest. Her stories have appeared or will soon be appearing in Weird Tales, Literary Traveler, Story Station, The Fix, and Six Sentences.

  • Malcolm R. Campbell
    Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of contemporary fantasy and magical realism novels, including Sarabande, Garden of Heaven: an Odyssey, and The Sun Singer.

  • John and Mary Caris: Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
    John Caris– author of Hermes Beckons, Foundation for a New Consciousness, and Reality Inspector– hosts a website offering his writings and those by Joel Laski, June Johnson, Dwight Johnson, and Ed Hirsch. Images by Esta Wolfram, Norm Sams, Mary Caris, and Victor Wolfram are displayed.

  • Margaret Carter: Carter’s Crypt
    Margaret Carter is a horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance novelist. At her site, you can find information about her published works, the discontinued fanzine THE VAMPIRE’S CRYPT (all issues still available), and also links to other horror and fantasy literature.

  • Zuleyha Cetiner-Oktem
    Zuleyha Cetiner-Oktem is a Lecturer at Ege University, Department of English Language and Literature where she teaches mythology, medieval literature and SF&F.

  • Jane Chance
    Professor Chance teaches Tolkien courses at Rice, and is the author of two books and various collections and articles on Tolkien.

  • Adam Christensen: Eldalamberon
    Adam Christensen is an artist/illustrator who has contributed his pen and ink drawings to Parma Eldalamberon, Mythlore, the Celtic Calendar, the Folk Harp Journal and other books and magazines. You are invited to visit the Eldalamberon web-site to discover his drawings, his cultural interests and his talented friends.

  • CF Cooper: Blog of Mythic Proportions
    Author of comic books and mythopoeic stories, C.F. Cooper explores contemporary mythmaking through his Blog of Mythic Proportions. The rest of the site is pretty nifty too.

  • Janet Brennan Croft
    Professional home page for Janet Croft, with information on research projects, curriculum vita, and links for personal interests.

  • Edith L. Crowe

  • Paula DiSante: Better Screenplays
    Longtime member, frequent Mythlore and Mythprint illustrator, and occasional reviewer Paula DiSante offers her screenplay evaluation skills at Better Screenplays, her script consulting website for aspiring and seasoned screenwriters, (and for producers, directors, creative executives, studios, production companies, and film investors, too.) Want to know if your screenplay has what it takes? Paula will tell you in profuse detail.

  • Leslie A. Donovan
    This is a professional homepage for Dr. Leslie A. Donovan, with information on her current research, publications, courses taught, and professional service activities.

  • Susan Dorman: The Green and Blue House
    Susan Dorman, creative writer a.k.a. S. Dorman, blogs at The Green and Blue House.

  • Jeremy Edmonds
    Jeremy Edmonds’ site provides a guide for books by and about J.R.R. Tolkien, fanzines, and other publications — as well other collectibles (from the mundane to the eclectic).

  • Eleanor Farrell:
    Eleanor Farrell’s personal web site features her professional portfolio, as well as articles on fantasy literature, eclectic forays into film and costume, Action Chick Dioramas, and other esoteric matters.

  • Jason Fisher: Lingwë
    Jason’s site is a weblog about J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, the Inklings, J.K. Rowling, and fantasy literature in general; language, linguistics, and philology; comparative mythology and folklore — and more.

  • J.H. Fleming: Someplace to be Flying
    J.H. Fleming is the author of Lifting the Veil: Tales of Discovery and Magic, and the soon to be released Rhythms of Magic. Her interests include mythic fantasy, faery tales, learning Irish, and everything Celtic. She’s also determined to learn how to play the harp.

  • Christopher Gilson: Eldalamberon
    Christopher Gilson is the editor and publisher of the journal Parma Eldalamberon … The Book of Elven-tongues (a project of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship), which focuses on presenting J.R.R. Tolkien’s unpublished writings on the languages of Middle-earth.

  • Diana Glyer
    Diana Glyer is the author of The Company They Keep: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community. The site features a comprehensive list of books about Lewis, student reviews of books about Tolkien, and a growing list of essays that compare and contrast Lewis and Tolkien and their work.

  • Glen GoodKnight
    Glen founded the Mythopoeic Society in 1967. His contributions to the Society include formation and rapid growth of the early Society, publications, annual conferences, and discussion groups. His website, “Narnia Editions and Translations”, contains more information.

  • Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull
    The web site of these two noted Tolkien scholars contains information about their books (J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator, etc.), their future projects, and the magazine The Tolkien Collector, as well as links to sites of personal interest.

  • Faith Harkey
    Faith Harkey is the author of the middle-grade novel Genuine Sweet
    (Clarion, 2015) and an upcoming book with Knopf (date TBA). She loves
    speaking to kids and adults about the power of Story to ennoble,
    enlighten and entertain.

  • Andrew Higgins: Wotan’s Musings
    Andrew is a Tolkien lover and amateur academic and linguist. He is interested in exploring impact of other Inklings on Tolkien and also developing research on common ground in the legendarium of Richard Wagner and J R R Tolkien.

  • John Houghton: Gondor and Arnor
    John Houghton, also known as the Duke of Númenor and Regent of Gondor and Arnor, presents a site detailing the project of restoring the Kingdoms and links to other responses to J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.

  • Randy Hoyt: Journey to the Sea
    Randy works as a web developer for a large retail company in Dallas, Texas. He spends his free time reading and writing about myth, editing an online myth magazine called Journey to the Sea.

  • Mary Kay: Gallimaufry
    A new weblog with links to and commentary on items of interest to Mary Kay (including cats).

  • Carolyn Kephart
    Carolyn Kephart, or Kari as she prefers to be known, is the author of the duology Wysard and Lord Brother, tales of love and magic. Her web site provides synopses, first chapters, reviews, and lots of auctorial musings.

  • Bill Krapfel
    Bill is the author of the novel Orion Rising and numerous short stories, children’s stories, and poems. When his father and mother began reading The Lord of the Rings to him as a boy, he too set out with the Fellowship on an adventure unfathomably beyond any he had imagined possible.

  • Debbie Ledesma
    This page is dedicated to my personal exploration of fantasy, sf, mythology, writing and dragons.

  • Donovan Mattole: Stephen R. Lawhead: An Unofficial Page
    Donovan’s site is devoted to the fiction writings of Stephen R. Lawhead, who some describe as a modern day C.S. Lewis because of the strong message that is incorporated into his novels. His latest book is Avalon: The Return of the King. Come explore his other works.

  • Lynn Maudlin
    The home page of Lynn Maudlin, singer-songwriter, film producer, pirate queen and Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences for the Society. Lynn co-founded The Mythic Circle with Sherwood Smith, and spent ten years on the Mythopoeic Society’s board of directors, took a breather of about 10 years and now she’s back on the Council again.

  • Scott McLaren
    This site lists publications, research interests, and includes a bibliography of Charles Williams’s works.

  • Jef Murray
    Jef is a painter/illustrator whose works explore that gossamer boundary between the natural world and the mythological realms just beyond. His site contains an online gallery of natural and mythological wildlife and landscapes.

  • Ted Nasmith
    Although illustrating Tolkien’s extensive works is Nasmith’s primary love, visitors to his web site will also find samples of his automotive paintings and architectural renderings, and gain a new appreciation for the wonderful work of this important contemporary Canadian artist.

  • Anne C. Petty
    This is the Web page for author Anne C. Petty (One Ring to Bind Them All: Tolkien’s Mythology). Anne is a specialist in comparative mythology and fantasy literature, in addition to English composition and technical writing.

  • Travis Prinzi: The Hog’s Head
    Travis is the author of the forthcoming book Harry Potter & Imagination. He maintains a blog and podcast that analyze the Harry Potter series and the work of the Inklings from a multidisciplinary perspective (including literary criticism, religion, and cultural studies).

  • Tim Reed: Everlace
    This is the website for Tim Reed’s fantasy saga ‘Everlace’. It includes artwork, bestiaries, background on the author and the books, and everything you need to know about this dark, Dreamwalking world he has created.

  • Denise Roper
    Denise Roper is the author of The Lord of the Hallows: Christian Symbolism and Themes in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, which explains the deeper meaning of the boy wizard’s adventures using quotations from the Bible, the writings of the Early Church Fathers, Medieval Bestiaries, Christian Artwork, and the Arthurian legends of the Quest for the Holy Grail. The Lord of the Hallows favorably compares the Harry Potter series with The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

  • John Rosegrant
    Author of a Tolkien-influenced fantasy series. Psychotherapist with special interest in meanings of fantasy and imagination.

  • J. J. Schultz II
    J. J. Schultz II’s personal web site has a unique Tolkienesque graphic. He has enjoyed J.R.R.Tolkien’s milieu and works since the mid-70′s.

  • Jeffrey D. Shaffer
    Jeffrey Shaffer is an English Instructor at Shizuoka University. For the past several years he has focused on studying vocabulary acquisition in bilingual and second-language learners, but has found himself drawn more and more towards the study of world-building in works of fiction. He is also an unattributed co-author of the “Blue Time” series of high-fantasy novels with his dear friend, Andrew Maloney, in which Jeffrey helps develop not only the plot and writing, but also the Leucian language, and the history and culture of the various races of the “Otherworld.”

  • David Simmons: Ayia Iluvatar
    The Rev. David Simmons is an Episcopal Priest with a long-time interest in Inklings studies. In addition to this site (his personal blog), he also maintains, a blog devoted to Christian apologetics.

  • Adam Smith
    A collection of information and personal essays on Inkling J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings. Site includes a biography, brief studies and overviews of individual books, and a complete bibliography.

  • Arden Smith
    In order to mystify web-surfers around the world, Arden Smith has created a pop culture fanzine written in Volapük, a language invented by Johann Martin Schleyer in 1879 as a means of international communication. Nowhere else will you be able to read about Charlie’s Angels or the Spice Girls in this language.

  • Sherwood Smith
    Fantasy writer and longtime Society member Sherwood Smith’s personal web site contains a discussion of writing, reading, favorite books, and some examples of her fiction.

  • Lara Sookoo: The White Tree Fund
    TWTF was founded in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunamis and earthquakes by member Lara Sookoo to bring together fundraising efforts of Tolkien fans. TWTF has since launched appeals for hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan earthquake, and continues to grow with plans for further fundraising efforts and events.

  • Rob Stroud: C.S. Lewis Chronicles
    A collection of material related to this gifted professor, writer and Christian apologist, maintained by Rob Stroud.

  • Amy H. Sturgis
    Former Mythcon Scholar Guest of Honor, and current member of the Mythopoeic Press Advisory Board, Amy H. Sturgis is a scholar of science fiction/fantasy and Native American studies.

  • Sherry Thompson
    Fantasy author.

  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Lizzie’s site was originally developed to market her jewelry business. Inevitably it has been invaded by original poetry and fantasy, literary and hobby links, coelacanths, mustelids and a baby chelydra.

  • Candy Taylor Tutt: Ten Dragon Tails
    Candy is dedicated to the study and research on the existence of dragons as well as draconian myth and legend in ancient civilizations. She has two books in print: Ten Dragon Tails (2004) and Dragon Scales, Dragon Tales (2008). She currently owns five cats.

  • Joan Marie Verba
    Joan Marie Verba’s web site has items for those interested in reading or writing science fiction or fantasy, plus items of interest for Star Trek fans.

  • Donald T. Williams, Ph. D.
    This site contains information on the classes I teach at Toccoa Falls College, essays and other resources (many of which will be of interest to students of the Inklings), sermons, and information about my books. Updated weekly (usually).

  • Matthew Winslow
    Matt’s web site is slowly growing as he finds time to add to it in between updating hundreds of pages at the University of Washington. Meanwhile, check it out — it may be the long-sought cure to insomnia.