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Join the Mythopoeic Society

The Mythopoeic Society is a non-profit international literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantastic and mythic literature, especially the works of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams. The word “mythopoeic” (myth-oh-PAY-ik or myth-oh-PEE-ic), meaning “mythmaking” or “productive of myth”, aptly describes much of the fictional work of the three authors who were also prominent members of an informal Oxford literary circle (1930s-1950s) known as the Inklings.

To join the society, you can either use the PayPal links below or download and complete the membership application (PDF). Please note that all amounts are given in US currency.

Join / Renew – Annual Membership

One year with electronic Mythprint (PDF) $15 Add to Cart
One year with Mythprint mailed (USA) $25 Add to Cart
One year with Mythprint mailed (Canada/Mexico) $32 Add to Cart
One year with Mythprint mailed (Rest of World) $41 Add to Cart
Additional members at same address $5 Add to Cart

* If you do not wish to be included in the society directory, please indicate this in the PayPal comments when you check out or email the Membership Secretary at

Join / Renew – Lifetime Membership

Life membership in the Society is non-transferable and includes the society’s newsletter, Mythprint, in whatever format it is published, or in the choice of format if multiple formats are available to members.

Shipping Locations / Age: Under 50 50-59 60+
USA $500 $375 $250
Canada / Mexio $640 $480 $320
Rest of World $820 $615 $410

Lifetime memberships can be purchased for additional people in the same household. The price for all memberships in one household is based on the age of the youngest member:

Age: Under 50 50-59 60+
Additional Membership $100 $75 $50

Other Subscriptions (Member Rates)

After joining, consider subscribing to one of our other periodicals:

  • Mythlore is the society’s peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles on mythic and fantastic literature.
  • Mythic Circle is a literary annual of original poetry and short stories.