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The Horn of Rohan

Mythopoeia as a Coping Mechanism

Posted on January 05, 2011 by Edith L. Crowe

That’s the title of a paper written by a young man who’s interested in picking our myth-stuffed brains. He has three questions he’d like a variety of answers to, from those of us who understand and appreciate mythopoeia. You can read his query below, and see his contact information. The paper’s due January 19, so if you’re interested, don’t dawdle. In the great Mythopoeic Society tradition of discovering and growing young scholars, this is a good opportunity to help another one along the primrose path to mythopoeic scholarship. In said scholar’s own words:

The essay I am writing is for an AP English Literature course in my Connecticut high school. The final draft of the research paper, “Mythopoeia as a Coping Mechanism,” is due January 19, 2011. The point of the essay is to supply readers with the general understanding [that] the genre, mythopoeia, is around to– not only entertain readers but to help them cope with real-life issues such as death.”

What is Mythopoeia to you, and how did Mythopoeian literature guide you through life?

What literature specifically helped you, and why?

Why is eucatastrophe an important subject?

Please send your replies to Richard L. Haas III (