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The Horn of Rohan

Mythcon 42 Homework

Posted on April 11, 2011 by Edith L. Crowe

Don’t you just hate it when you encounter a Guest of Honor at Mythcon and you aren’t familiar with his or her work? Do you wonder if this person is going to be somebody you’ll like listening to? Well, you can easily avoid this social faux pas by starting now to familiarize yourselves with the Mythcon 42 Guests of Honor and their work. The inimitable Ellie Farrell has pointed out to be that Catherynne Valente is going to be appear at several venues in the San Francisco Bay Area (home of the Mythcon 43 Committee) from May 13 to 17. That will be preceded by Los Angeles (and San Diego) May 11-12. She’ll be in the Northeast & Chicago in April, the Pacific Northwest for much of May, and New York in late May. She’s also appearing at Wiscon 34, the American Library Association annual conference, and CONvergence 2011 before Mythcon. For a detailed list of her appearances check out If you’d rather be an armchair traveler, her website can show you her varied oeuvre, including novels, short stories, poetry and essays. By July 15 you can easily be a Valente expert!

Although our Scholar Guest of Honor, Michael D. C. Drout, doesn’t quite have the travel schedule of Cat Valente, you can get to know him online at From here, check out his Vita and marvel at a list of publications longer than an Ent’s “hello.” Like any self-respecting contemporary scholar, he has a blog at– another way to familiarize yourself with his varied interests and knowledge. How can you resist a prof who can say: “life and being department Chair (those are two distinct states, like living and being a zombie)”…which proves he is an intelligent and discerning fellow.

A prepared Mythcon attendee is a happy Mythcon attendee! Although, I must confess I rarely see anyone unhappy at Mythcon. Especially if alcohol is available (“in the spirit of the Inklings,” of course!). Sorry. See you in Albuquerque.